In the Sun-Dry zero exposition of null-form & subject

. . . because I am waiting for postman which makes me nervous, not as nervous as waiting for surgery I guess but still. And there are hours to go (a scheduled delivery) (of a wife-clothing)

. . . ((( AH! note, for every aggreived which is not a word apparently no matter how much I try(re-arranging letters, that's called spelling right? maybe "disheartened" will do as replacement. There was another word but it is gone from my head. Many things leave my head . . .) ))) . . .

wife-woman aggrieved recently by some things, examples:

1/ she noted "in the west" or its internet equivalent, the substitution of "holiday/ holiday-season" for "christmas" -- main reason for agrievment over this, its sort of pointlessness. It is hard to think of what the point is, 2000-plus years too late sort of, after the christian ravishing of pagan sacred sites and events &c . . . Jack Spicer "a substitute as christ was a substitute" or something, I can't remember, metaphor, passing a-"cross". Anyway . . .

2/She is learning french; when I mentioned something, now I can't remember, Algeria maybe, or you know, colonisation in general, she had a moment of aggrievement. or about decapitated Antoninette &c. I have not seen the film. For some reason I thought Scarlet-thingy was in it, but it is spider-man's girlfriend, and I saw a trailer, featuring spider-man's girlfriend, in blue tinged lace stockings, so there need be no more deliberation over seeing this film. The matter is settled and it will be seen. Simple, really. Let them eat cake. There was a J-poppal blog-post, kanpera no suiyobi, what is a kanpera, I always forget. suiyobi is wednesday, a well-balanced day of the week. Why is it specifically a wednesday, this kanpera thing. If I look it up, will I know. It is impossible to know prior to looking up the word "kanpera" -- to be honest, I don't imagine this matter will be easily settled.

Know I remember the other french thing, that caused aggrievement, I mentioned the little bird, the people put a cloth over their head and suck the cheeks from the little bird. That rattled her somewhat.

And then we are going to watch the Battle of Algiers film for further rattling.

. . .

earlier much earlier long long ago blog posts featuring the music I mentioned:

1/ later

2/ earlier

look, I said I prefer shibuya to shinjuku. that was before 3 police-people surrounded me in shibuya. I don't like either of those places now.

-- oh, it is is "wednesday" no kanpera.... I got the order wrong, this doesn't make the matter any clearer.

-- Oh, today is wednesday, also. Wow, as the anorexic blonde girl from english tv series "skins" would day.

---- end of pointless blogpost. now I wait at least 4 hours. I will drink. And squirm in fear.

------ I don't know how to spell "aggrievement" or if it is even a word or whatever. . .

I manoeuvre between

I foolish between reverberation and it's ECHO/not-ECHO, more fading sound of what once made echo, I feel crazily between these points


  resonance, reverb, all sorts, too many perhaps, meanings, interpretations, it is held by stone at stairwell to frighten postman, and

余韻: the more subtle echo, last-of-sounds perhaps, I like more than hibiki / / :

it lies on the floor. I like in-between that and that. What it is I don't know yet.


reading Robin Blaser's Image-Nation 19 (the wand ] probable awry #1 attempt at something that will expand

inspired by wife-woman tumbling this: http://miotropolis.tumblr.com/post/134660503159/die-wand-jaime-le-livre-sappelle-die-wand
and my twittering on it here: https://twitter.com/LmthwL/status/673679216299212802

and you may as well read the poem itself, though if you can't, is it not online (i'm not typing the whole thing out) perhaps I can find a reading of it.

I can't find but here are all sorts: http://writing.upenn.edu/pennsound/x/Blaser.php I love his lectures, and his late poems, such as this Image-Nation, have the feel of a good lecture, or what I imagine one to be, the bringing together disparate thoughts, finding connections, causing a sort of iridescence of inspiration. A stilled fervour, such as is found in writing.

I note now what I noted in twitter, "(the wand" quotes Michel Serres, with no reference, but again quotes, as though directly, the same passage in image-nation 25. I have nothing to say about this currently.

Let me turn to the fact there was a strip of some card with notes on I had made, marking image-nation 19, yet the notes must correspond to something else.

nevertheless I will transcribe the notes:

114/127 (no idea what this corresponds to)

memory kiss (aww)

- party tricks

water ice


belly button__ (still no idea what this corresponds to)

doesn't hate hold
most water? - spice too? / (no idea sorry)

period of amplification
of every sound
magnification of
every sight -- (I had crossed out "space", replaced with "sight") (probable LB8 WIP notes)

well: here's a photograph:

is also "human viewpoint redundant" sideways, and the other sideways, I think partly kanji scrawl of indian district of tokyo, for getting good food etc, I must have seen on the tv, and upside down "let's not remind us, so far along the way--" which probably corresponds to LB5 WIP

but to the poem, the 19th Image-Nation (the wand . . . how many Image-Nations were there eventually? was 25 (Exody the last? -- in any case 19 and 25 almost start the same, as noted above. Who is Michel Serres? I know the name but otherwise I must look up, let us do so now: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michel_Serres it seems he has not been translated much.

the quote from both image-nations: Nothing distinguishes me ontologically from a crystal, a plant, an animal, or the order of the world "simply/ and" Blaser interposes here in I-M 19, but 25 has the whole quote, in italics, as such: it follows from above then: ; we are drifting together towards the noise and the black depths of the universe

Then Blaser writes (I love this bit) celebrate the/ sudden hang-up of our visibility,/ . . . (a little later):

. . . careless unwrapped
(ducis) the solar origin drifts
in the same boat

--- ducis appears to be latin for leader.duke -- referring to the solar origin as true "leader" the drift of the solar system is what "leads" us / gravity/ and meanwhile on earth we deal with our "hang-ups" / throughout this poem and the book "Pell Mell" itself the variance in language from casual to the formal is vivid and quick -- a discourse indeed. and the imagery is also pell mell. So requires little explanation from me. Read it yourself. The thought (his ((poet's)) thought is allowed to be a little more "pell mell" than usual, he is loosening. Is it due to the period in which it was written? Which was? 1981-1988, time of great change a culture (the 80s) somehow forcefully pushed at you (my (de-)formative years by-the-by)

There is an earlier poem where he talks of death as a black disk/ hold on/ I can't find it.
I can never find quotes when I look for them. Later, in fact poem, Great Companions, Robert Duncan: "a bright and terrible disk"/

wow. looking back at "the moth" poems, which I never quite understood, I am seeing  fortelling  this should be obvious though...

I can't be coherent but neither necessarily are these poems. I will fuse a few things together.

the leap (again of language, high/low, we are whittling down the distinctions)

the wand:

there we have headed for frying pans

Later, in Pell Mell:

poem titled: "hard gemlike flame"

I've always liked the idea of the mind as a
frying pan

What's in it is neither true nor false

like he went through picking bits of the poetries and expanding on them pell mell, maybe he went back and forth, maybe he swoop-swiped!

I follow the example. Who expects things to cohere these days anyhow?

Truffle-Geiger, further adventures of, + all else.

The "Truffle-Geiger" trooped around the place in search of something (lost time) or just excercising I don't know. It showed much interest in the bottle of whiskey (cheap stuff, mainly for hot toddy, this season full of sniffles) -- I upturned a medicine cap and put an antennae-sized drop. It trooped around the cap from all aides and probed with antennaes speculatively and then seemed whoozy and half on its side, antennae weaving as in a dream. Then a dice had inadvertently become immersed in some spilled stout; I placed this dice and it came of its sleepy dream and again speculated with antennae. Then began striding around atop a translation-in-progress print-out. I feel we shared a little moment, and if we never meet again, we will recall of each the other with good happy regard and tears will stream.
That was a bit of life then. . .

-- all else uneventful, all else uneventful,all else uneventful . . .
(saying things three time and them become a kind of spell) --

I have ceased striving, if I ever did (strove, I mean). I may have strided once or twice. I straddled a wall once or twice, to climb over it. Otherwise no. September 17 2016, it was written on a memo on the wall (not any wall I straddled, there is a ceiling &c) (a home all) "(my name) ceased to strive, sept 17, 2016 -- Consider it a gesture, political, against the tories, if you want. It seems to be working, they are crumbling apart. If I had said it three time (ceasing to strive x3) it may have had a quicker effect, but you must be careful with spells.

In times of this un-event let us wither in peace and quiet.

Whiskey means "water of life" in Irish. If the manga "the five star stories" was translated into Irish would the "water of life" related to the dragons be translated as "whiskey"? Or would that confuse things?

I found in my notebook something I had written, at myself, in red pen, a few pages, directives on translation. I don't remember writing this. probably translation shouldn't have too many directives. Do what works well. Whether it is complicated, or simple. Don't mind that things may seem impossible.
So there is a sort of striving going on.

But anti-government.

"Truffle-Geiger" is most probably not filled with resentment, xenophobia, idiotic rage, unthinking cynicism. (I am trying to finish this blog-post by referring to its beginning)


I will "switch-a" like The Fall in for example (there are others) "the man whose head expanded"


Currently this seems the peak of music. 3776.

It has the same power as fushitsusha investigating some minute aspect, a studying of possibilities, like something from the purple london live double cd, for example.

There is a peak carefully reached then a continuation that doesn't peak but reminds you of the origin. Alluvial.

I don't know why this is occurring at this time. I'll talk more about this in blog post studying "cuteness", part two, I will leave here a placeholder l__._|_.__]. Part one is here. Though I was mainly talking about the floor being slippy. There is a The Fall song about that. It must be there is a The Fall song about anything / everything . . .

may our blogs aspire to such.


suddenly, "Truffle-Geiger" has re-appeared. I was expecting in the evening maybe, if lucky. So I am luckier than I would have been?


corners etc nothing much comes after the etc, fore-warning

so from clockwise reasonably square room, corner 1,2,3,4 - I would prefer 2 to be empty don't know why. I'm not japanese by the way. Will ask wife when she is not sleeping. Probable response: "whichever.." . .

Why 2? 1+3+4=8 , divided by the absent 2=4 , corners again. Am I being resistant to corners yet it is impossible? what would Mr Sloterdijk say?

or multiply 1x3x4=36, seemingly another perfect corner-full realm-number. Why these rooms anyway. There are triangular rooms, but they must eventually result in 180, a 9? is that our escape? from corners. There are three but I suppose acute.

90=corner\right angle.

Now I imagine a room with no corners, it must be a straight line forever? or it may curve. Nevertheless, it requires infinite space to not be confined by corners. Is it even a room?

A torus. no. even that derives from a rectangle

reminds me of idea to build such a shape along black hole event horizon, a corridor, where you where, you would always see the back of yourself. The corridor seems precisely straight (because gravity, bend light, etc)

Why not add some mirrors?

Possible time travel was light though mirrors along some event-horizon-like gravitational interference...

But from corners in total,

2D our only escape.


I've no idea.

"The long walk down somebody's half-dream." -- post The Return:Twin Peaks (in short sentences)

-- most eerie televised broadcast of

the inconsolable harm, sexual abuse at home

(& was it ritual abuse magick originally, the great working?)

you cannot go "home" / there is NO place like "home"

& there is no OZ to RETURN to.


the glitched detective, manages to erase the murder

he was initially attempting to solve!

Did things go right or wrong?

I am left feeling haunted, & reading forum posts is freaking me out somehow.


: enigmatic --node-- ...

when a place "(Twin Peaks) becomes a character, perhaps

a topological-detective is required, to come up with some conjecture,

to equate the two "Peaks" and the gulf inbetween,

as in the following film: Moebius (set in Buenos Aries!)


future plan when heart is strong:

watch episodes in out-of-order-order, say 3 six-sided die. I
can roll up a D&D character at the same time!


↓ quoted from a blog-post from very here, April 2015:

"fright--" day-dreamt (I mean I was asleep, the sun was risen) night-terror level with sleep-paralysis accompaniment (level as at nighttime) (usually once sun is risen it is far more bearable):: twin-peaks derived, a missing missing girl/woman, that she was missing all through the tv series etc, that this was missed,, she who by all accounts (there are none) did does not exist
may come to exist
. . . in a healed household // but knowing there shan't be one, it is impossible once the damage is done / once home that is intended as the expansion of the original safe place is rendered unsafe, everything is an outside coming at you, relentless attack //
this is unreasonable as existence goes/


from here-on-in, inescapable murk.

we are all stamped with same nightmare, this epoch . . .

illogical-most-likely speculation on language / island language

I was being silly as usual, no, I was reading something, an ezra pound letter, he wrote, as is his wont "langwidge"


I have been thinking about language a lot for some reason . . .

the "lang" must be some romance-language derived thing from tongue, perhaps? Like the etymology of the chinese character for darkness 闇、it is not 音 (sound) in there, that enclosed space 門, but in fact a wildly transformed "tongue", which I can't write as it no longer exists (the character I mean) -- (think of a slightly bulbous elongated thing, with a horizontal line or two, within.

So darkness = a voice in enclosed space. "A voice comes to one in the dark" Company, Mr Beckett.


Anyway, if 国語 (language) -- (国 = nation, country/ enclosure with kingdom, ruler, &c) -- this reminds me of "land" "landuage" -- (I doodled some coinages from this on twitter earlier) (this here is to explain that there) LAND, and how languages develop on this or other land.

And if there a 島語 (island language) ?

Which reminds me of Pound, "...Homer, blind . . . but with an ear for the sea-surge . . ." (from an early((?)) Canto)

So does language of an island nation evolve differently, from listening to the sea-surge, say, that surrounds, the seashore, the sea that is in early days impassible, encircling, an isolating "zone"? -later to become start of trade-routes and languages mix/trade.

Is there something constant in the grammar of Island languages, a trace of which can be found? I wonder. I am not a linguist. So do not know.


End of pointless speculation for now, it was merely a short train of thought . . .
(nice now and then to embark on such)


what about the languages of countries "hemmed in"?




That will do for now.

wife wyrrmyn should make a book of these - notes of films watched -

nightmare on elm street 3 (those dream "warrior" dudes) -- (wife makes notes on every, or most, films watched)

"I laughed! It was funny! Not at all scary! Though many people died."  that is supposed to be Freddy Kreuger,
and then Nancy, about whom it is noted: "shoulder pads / pencil skirt"

Mainly we watched this to see if Nancy is still nice &c. It was confirmed, yes she is. At least in this old film. I don't know what Nancy is up to right now. Do you?

Anyway Nancy is not blonde. My wife basically drew "Hana" from a favoured (just now finished) manga "Seven Seeds" . . .

just occurred to me: folorn thoughts on forlorn sundays gone on an actual sunday, 20th August, &c


Never keen on sundays. Meant visit to grandparents: over-heated room, the races, brief glimpses of breasts in grandfather's "daily star") a newspaper), perpetual horse-race/snooker on black&white tv, followed by "songs of praise"(grandmother's turn)(and she rock back&forth moaning for jesus--perpetual pain, arthritis)

And that was just noon.

Then my mother's car would not start(once grandmother prayed in passenger seat for engine to work) then pointless foray into deadzone enclosed plateau d.i.y shop.




Yet I look back on all this fondly somehow.

A sort of realism that was not brutal was happening then, in little unspoken bits & pieces.

The uncanny moves in shortly after……




One day, I'll find a Sunday to be happy to be "in" //


I wonder if my grandfather ever saw snooker balls in actual colour? Or did he play when younger at the working men's clubs? If in some post-life he finally sees snooker balls in colour, will he recognise them as such? Or as some divine supposition?

Colour snooker balls as evidence of creationism, I am sure someone can work out a theory of that.


grimoire: things seen.noted during sleep paralysis/night&day+night terror *

In order of occurrence:

I was ill when 19/20, this is when night terror began, as distinct from infant period fever dream nightmare stuff. (that is supposed to be some fragmented memory of your last bardo -- gee I am surprised I reincarnated as human then, or maybe I was a very bad daemon before, oh well)(or, bardo when remembered as incarnate thing in samsara has horror in any case)

But Sleep Paralysis 1st//___ ill, prone in bed many days nights unmoving.Drifting in and out if robust dreams containing ultra-theories on reality while staring the clouds pass at day. At night something would appear at the door way (shadow person), then approach. Usually I would scream though not know it and my mother would wake me up (I was living with my mother back then) (1999?) -- progress to weight on body, unable to move or scream &c (the old crone I think it is known as)

Sleep Paralysis 2nd//___ a new stage is reached, involving bodily pain. Head(in dream) out virtual (dreamt) car window every mailbox as shown in american films of a certain era (70s?) (these things are not in england where I was). interminably this went on, my head being hit at velocity. I have no explanation for this, and only one time occurrence. No actual head injury paralysis-sleept-dreamt nor otherwise (this apparent reality outside sleep where my head is) (generally speaking)

3rd//___ the entire world seemed to hinge on me, or I was the hinge, physically speaking, so that everything fell on me, starting with the neighbours back gardens. Crushed. If the world was a book angrily slammed shut I was the bug squashed in the fold. Or maybe I survived.

1/,2/,3/ were most physical experiences. Accompanied by night terror which seems to arise you are paralysed and the world is slamming, bashing, crushing you.


Later, it merely became a sense of fear at night with no detail as such. Some void-like snook-in terror. In the room with you.
This is at night.

When I was 8ish a friend said if he was frightened at night he would imagine witches approaching his bed and pull the blanket completely over his head, as he trusted the blanket to protect him from the witches. This doesn't compute. I would be more fightened, having conjured up some witches in my room. He was made of sterner stuff than me, I guess, Tamim El Ahbed.


I generally sleep with a night light on, despite being 38 now, and there is a wife to lie besides. Naturally a sword lies between us, so we remain chaste. Or am I behind the times?

Night terror, complete.

Moving on, there is a sort of daytime sleep-paralysis terror also. For balance or something??

It is bearable though. Goes something like this:

A lengthy legged spider on walls. Seems to retreat as you watch it.

An unidentifiable lint-full muss slowly moves, though if you measure its trajectory of apparent movement, it never reaches anywhere and is in fact not moving. Yet it moves.

A life-form utterly unknown appears to weave itself amonth itself while near the centre of ceiling above you unmoving head. Like if a living thing wove itself into its being. Dissipates like a shadow.

If head is near some hung clothing, say a cardigan, the sleeves are normal then perfectly circular then normal then transmute to circular normal square right in front of your (we will assume) open eyes.

None of these provoke much terror. The paralysis is there but not the terror. Or I have become used to it. Sometimes the floor seems to vibrate, but that is probably earthquake recollections, or, um, an actual earthquake.


I have not attempted to explain this phenomena.

The spidery shadow things I think have been explained by SCIENCE. Just you wake up and have to re-familiarise yourself with the typical shadows of your bedding zone.


I have reached the end of this grimoire. Please excuse me.


Now as of 11th of 7th month (I think that's July, I'm getting better), the year 2017, I add to the grimoire (it should be called a bestiary or something but never mind):

2 new entities encountered during daytime sleep paralysis with attendant Terror.

They both had complex functions involving discombobulation/disintegration of self, and re-combining, or resolving into something new to be reborn. The beginning-to midway of bardo = (1)
The preparation for exiting (a sort of coaxing was involved) = (2)

Both were feminine roughly in appearance and somehow behaviour, although sometimes acted more like machines. The locale itself was of importance: a mall, or perhaps interior of one of those cruiseships you see on TV, people spend good money to act like a vast pack of basking seals with 30,000+ of their kind. I think that local induces a flabbiness in everyone.

At first abundant with food, entertainment &c, an atmosphere of frivolity, things soon began to run out, fall apart, cease functioning. Also, a dankness grew in the air, perhaps a slightly dark sheen of something almost solid would pass through at regular intervals.

(1)+(2) would intervene at certain points, inducing sleep paralysis in reality, terror in the dream plus terror in the bardo I suppose plus the half-awake terror of (this time) day-terror.

(1) would rebuke any longing for things that were passing away in the mall-like zone. Dead fish eyes.

(2) later offers to coax, as I have said, offering hands out, to come with her, but perhaps it was too soon, & there was still too much terror. . .

-- more maybe later. I may try to visualise them.

That was a populated bardo, which may be odd, but people would go missing suddenly, or end up unmoving, or as part of the surroundings, un-peopled.

I went to Harajuku, it was very slippy . . . + 1st hypothesis towards cute-theory explanation step#1 more to follow

I want to fill in an: un-sibling reversal-Application-Form, so I can have a sister ← this sentence only here because part of sentence is from 5th novella WIP and there was a temporary saving problem so I put it here / / / please ignore / / / ________________________

In Harajuku (nice station building by the way) are crepes and schoolgirls. I think the crepes are mainly only sweet crepes. I have had only a savoury crepe en france.

Why did I go to Harajuku. To enter a room that was a dream, a room I wanted to sit in for several hours if not dwell in, in order to absorb all the room contained. This room → http://ameblo.jp/strawberryand/image-12283787988-13960852895.html

By the way, is there some way of becoming a girl, like by filling in an application form?
___ No there is not ___ / / / ignore this too why not / / /

Harajuku has slippy floors/surfaces everywhere, I don't know, probably because it was raining or maybe just the surfaces have become naturally slippy after years of crepes and schoolgirls (this is almost pre-bubble culture I think) -- I am surprised there is even any ground left to stand/slip/stride on. . . / stumble /

There is a The Fall song of recent years called "Slippy Floor"

Assume Harajuku is not always slippy. That is an assumption, but one I am willing to, um, assert.

Anyway, the dream room. A real room. The room is still likely present, but what made it a dream has likely been packed away. It was an exhibition. I showed it you above ↑ follow the link?

Now to explain somehow coherently my theory of what seems to be an all-girl culture encompassing art, music, fashion &c.

March 11th 2011 was moment of instigation, I think. That is my theory. I have to now explain why.

explanation step 1 (occurs unconsciously):

after trauma, a drive to preserve what is cute, that eases trauma, and is memorial-like for those who died/ vanished (particularly the cute ones) -- NO, it is not that simple -- to preserve the particularly cute means to protect what is vulnerable, un-traumatised. This is most evident in cute things, therefore / / / consider "macho-ism" -- this is typically a male way to act, unconsciously knowing their vulnerable nature (all is soft) and attempting to disguise this in various "macho" ways.
- - - better to accept cuteness - - -

are you following me so far? Y/N __ (fill in in imagination, that is, we presume, in your head, somewhere)(tick or something, or cross out the negative. I won't know anyhow)

macho: the deliberate swagger walk. It may be required on deck at ships at rough seas. Otherways, no, a defense mechanism. Such a visual defense mechanism shows a recognition in the swaggerer of their vulnerabilities. Softness.

We are always soft things at the cusp of non-existence, why pretend otherwise?


I will proceed to step two slowly in another blogpost, the floor is slippy etc./ I will include music videos and EVIDENCE to make my point. It will be an inarguable point.


proceed, now, as you were. As for me, I desperately need to urinate.

current twin peaks theory as of 24th the 6th month 2017

1/ BOB has fore-knowledge of BadCoop leaving Lodge, since at least Annie appeared to Laura (or sometime within those last 7 Days) -- but Lodge-Time may allow absolute knowledge of all events concerning Lodge from moment of first entry -- Leland-as-a-boy "possession"(I would rather call it "Occuptaion" or "Co-option" -- (Mulholland Drive -- how many riders does a buggy have?) -- a "Vehicle" -- If Leland-as-BOB read the diary pages. Assume he/it did otherwise why rip out.

2/ BOB's long-term plan: knowing his vessel will be an FBI agent, lures him to Twin Peaks, ultimately, the Black Lodge. Exits Lodge. An arrangement is made to deal with the 25yr clause -- (is this a BadCoop-yet-still-Coop long-term plan?) --

3(?)/ time-perturbations were present from nr beginning of original series (the red room dream) and before (FWWM), Laura and Coop shared a dream, hence it is possible, from perspective of lodge-time, Laura gained this fore-knowledge and gained agency over BOB, hence not becoming his vehicle (her death) is only the beginning of her victory, over BOB. Then Coop will be an agent in a sense of Laura's. And Annie may have been manufactured as a lure for Coop, but Laura had the first move.

We are seeing a game at the start of its decisive end-positions.

From a meta-way, BOB was "manufactured" in the filming process of the pilot (mistake sound -- I think -- operator -- or set dresser?) -- Last night I dreamt I was in that room, and looked terrified into that mirror. Which is now haunted.

Maybe it will all end with the mirror. Recognise the accident that moved the series along.

The black box monitored room is to "see" another "accident" and give it form, or complete what started with the "accident". A reset.

Tune in some other time when all my theories will have been annihilated, I will have something else by then.


dream had 12th May 2017, will appemd continuations and link via twitter where great approival will be gained part1.

I had hungover dream, riding a train, the wirral, a school colleague
who later died in a drug-deal gone wrong, and a comet, or something,
explosive --

ex-ploded, beautiful it was, look at that, I sd to schoolcolleague,
and was not comet/metero like/ more a storm of black with all colours
glowing within --

viewers of madoka may think of it as walpurgeiss nacht witch - he was
not a friend as such, but we had to do athletics runnings things
together, he always 1st, I 2nd--

--the train driver was able to escape the explosion by going thru
buildings, down steps &c, until end of line, and streets were melted,
glass-like, hot to the feet --

-- and he was thought to be missing first, not dead, I had rd in local
paper, and he'd married his schoolgirl-girlfriend, who made plea for
his re-appaearance, in newspaper --

**// ah this is something else/ a dream midrash/** // ah ' OH, all below likely write on ambien, hence obliteration of spelling. This too, but ambien hasn't kicked in yet or don't think it has, I can't see almost/// 21st May, interpolation./

I was preparing to call an ambulance for myself monday afternoon (is there etiquette involved, calling ambulance for yourself?) So but, as I thougt I was suffering head pain similar to prelimenaey thingy araxhnoid haemato

Ma haematoma &c & thougt best way of survicmg such a thing is to seek trained medical like assistance sooner rather than later.
I wondered what one needs to wear when going to hospital. And cbineta, I assume there are little cabinets to put things i.e., books in, a change of socks. Oh, a toothbrush. oh, tooth paste!

I became almost fond of the idea, of entering a hospital. The in-laws, one or two at least, may visit. Thinking fondly in such a manner got me through the pain (plus aome sobbing, sobbing seems to have its part to play in pain management).

I thought in the hospital they (trained medical people) may want to drain somw blood from my head. Maybe an mri, maybe a spinal tap. Almost for certain, a colonoscopy. and the same, throatways. At the same time!

**// at first was going to put this on twitter but is too long / so here for now / half-way thru the dream/ I remember the rest / I have had other dreams since but I remember still the continuation of above dream , . . . . / for now here we are, as kahala tomomi sang/sings still on occasion.

---- ** this dream accont will continue, I remember its ending still, also, another dream intervened, involved a cat. The prior dream (not yet fully told to include cat) include cat. The intervening dream, involving also a cat, shall not be fully described. Only to say:

A cat of a neighbour(not real, in the dream, and in the dream much more rich than me &c) needed a cat to be looked after, for I think three days. He (it was a he((the neighbour,in the dream also had a rabbit, but this did not require me looking after it)
the cat was clever, I think, and liked to eat the food of the rabbit, as a treat, or something.

The rabbit was powerless.


eventually I will return to the first dream, but there may be interventions. I think this is what this blog here shall be for, for now, for a while, or maybe ever ever.

Please stay attuned.

--- 29th of the 5th month, I think that is May(?) 2017 ---

2nd 6th (I think that is June, 2017) -- let us continue this nonsense --

I had dream some days ago (no dreams now, I can't slept, only night-day-night-daydreams (awake thoughts in other words, endless))

I had dream, gordon, some days ago, I was in indonesia (never actually been) taken over by an alternative (though reality is quite close-to-truth) fascist japanese "government" -- a particular picture of hitler with tanks on a bridge drew attention. I made friends with an indonesian boy.

Why I was there I don't know. There were no cats.

Now as I attempt writing my recollection of the dream it dwindles as though in retreat, as though my writing about it makes it afraid.

--Stop nonsense for a while stop. all stop. stop. -- it will re-occur once I lie down.

Oh did I mention I was looking after a cat for three days (in a dream) (looks above, yes I see I did mention that Oh well.)

"Hind Square"

-- we will get back to the first time when the stars are correct in alignment. Forgive me. --

------ (I am just going to post like this from now on. noone cares anyway. an infinite typewriter)

- anyway now I recall the indonesian dream further, I needed to write two pairs of kanji, and liberate indonesia. I can't remember them. They are halfway in my head and halfway elsewhere. one has 月 in it. (moon). and can't sleep and can't dream to get back there. maybe that is all real and I am here in an unreal-real and being blocked from returning to help.

I want to help/

and HELP!


(same day,month, year, as above, or is it below)


OH! and in the Indonesian boy's room/house was volume 9 of Proust, but in english there are only 6 volumes. But in french there are, like. 12, or something? it may have been easier for everyone to publish them like in francais, then it may not seem so daunting. I have the pink/yellowy volumes, 1-4 and a whiteish 5, but no 6 yet. I wanted all the pink/yellowy ones, for harmony's sake. But it wasn't to be. I often have re-occurring dreams about finding the pink/yellowy volumes. Anyway, what is volume 9 in francais? je ne sais pas. I got lost in volume four half way during a 400pg or so dinner or something party, so vowed to start from three. the last paragraph or so of volume 2 is one of my favourite paragraphs. Also, I heard volume 6 is not available in amerika? Why or this is simply something my mind has made up to confuse me, like dreams, and lack of sleep. I have reached a hallucinatory stage of that (lack of sleep) by the way, circa 18:56, 2nd 6th, the June month, and the year is still 2017, and will be for a while, although days, months, years don't exist quite so much. Proust exists more. A day month year is an overlay of samsara over a samsara which is already an overlay, I think, according to milarepa, I think. "repa" means wrapped in thin cloth, I think. he could deal with the cold. probably he would enjoy sleeplessness. Or in fact did.

But nothing is for sure, no clear view of things. Let us enjoy obscurity!