pendle-witch magic as performed by wife-woman plus cicada anecdote bonus

When did this happen.

The holes had opened to where the cicada had long been I don't know what they do down there, but now they try and get up, and wings manifest eventually(quickly), and they fly and make lovely noise, I like when they enter my habitat though I worry it reduces their potential to reproduce which I think is the whole point or something. Some idiots moan about the noise. As I say, idiots. Some idiots always, moaning about almost everything. The pendle-magic shall hereby towards aforementioned idiots act as a very real curse. I shall not reveal here the nature of this curse.

I am also under a curse all last week and weekend and still I suspect now because of cicada anecdote I'll relate shortly.

But first, my wife I have endowed with witch-traits for the act of photo and prior to the photo assisting the cicada to the trees where surely they intend to go but this particularly park zone had decided to place its trees in some sort of black surround, I don't know the material, but seems a barrier to the as yet un-winged things (cicada = semi in japanese as in semi-conductor but let's keep it in english) ( strange word cicada, later look it up)

(recently the "talent" (who is quite good because self-admitted otaku etc) said she is enjoying covering herself with dead semi oops I mean cicada because reasons as they say in america and she had dyed her black or regained her natural and it looked good and she wanted to marry someone "who is scarred" and I qualify except I am already well-married, so . . . )

the stick, the stick, used to assist the cicacada gently to gain a tree, otherwise they may get squashed was the thinking, but I know you are not supposed to interfere, but it is the anthropscene, so's too late, ha! we're already dead, I hope the cicada prevail, and cats, too, but don't eat too many cicada, munch on the dead ones, it is inevitable.

Bonus cicada anecdote, I have decided not to tell. Know only that the interference with the natural order of things, as re: cicadas, may have begun a curse of its own that turned on me for the last week and weekend but is now receding or passing on to someone else, I wish you luck . . .

belated ceased being recongition iwata-先生-さん

my wife woman who is working hard and there are sometimes presentations in the morning at her work by other workers about things, (it may be mandatory) and that morning presentation, one worker man made presentation in honour of nintendo person Iwata and his passing, of bile duct cancer, and my wife woman said she was moved during the presentation, and while she told me of the presentation, I too was moved, I had been moved already, this was just extra movement, it was passed on, I am still sad now, well who isn't?

then I found a wife woman ancient paintbrush image she had made in tribute of mario &c, and with her permission I post it in tribute of, well everyone now, belatedly, I'm sorry to note. OK.

"something of a beauty then that is not quite"

on "my twitter" I linked to this here: http://fortlaufen.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/nearby-is-country-they-call-life-you.html saying meagrely how beautiful etc and it will make you cry etc so that is called a "recommendation" isn't it, but realised only 5 people so far see as far as I know I don't know how it works my twitter so therefore blog the link whereby hopefully it may gain more notice though it seems wrong an inversion of the current cultural online culture&climate.


Did anyway.

it is one of the blogs I mention I maintain a reading of, as I mentioned __here__ . I am sort of following-up, see?

maybe an image, they like them , of what? a cat seems inappropriate. Something of a beauty then that is not quite. Look up, I quote myself in the blog title. This seems unseemly. It is the image I mentioned.

And as always, sorry.

re-jig with more authority re: RD/DL &c

as I was saying, __here__ Marjorie Perloff obviously says much better, for example:

But from our perspective a quarter-century after the Vietnam War, the question is not whether Duncan was too cruel to Levertov, whether his authoritative pronunciamentos may or may not have been sexist, or even whether he was unfair to specific passages in her poems. Rather, the interest the correspondence raises is in the larger issue of the poetry/politics debate–a debate very much with us today in the guise of the so-called Culture Wars. Is what seems like a one-dimensional and simplistic lyric outburst against injustice or racism to be praised because its author is a member of a minority group and hence not to be subjected to the literary norms of the dominant race and class? Is every poem about AIDS ipso facto moving and worthy? Is there a taboo against offering any sort of critique of Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club or bell hooks’s vituperative essays attacking the black middle class? Or, for that matter, is there an unstated taboo against one Language poet actually criticizing the work of another?

Read more: http://marjorieperloff.com/stein-duchamp-picasso/duncan-levertov-letters/#ixzz3SacccPR4

with no connection far as I can tell, I want to re-promote this blog entry from 2009:love, urination, rape

self-debate as to worth of new yurumerumo song, j-poppal authority # x

i am "warming" to the new ゆるめるモ song, after worrying a bit about their chosen trajectory. or is it just because they are in school uniforms?

or that "my favourite one" (the leader I assume) had dyed her hair somewhat reddish? no brownish only, and it suits. (the one in the red skirt, maybe to signal her seniority)

and that in the end they enter a rocket and appear to be escaping a meteor shower that is to end the world?

perhaps a combination of all/// oh! and they enter a shop with no lights on and stock up, for end of the world, that is a reason to like it . . . also, their building a rocket, is a bit like at the end of film "melancholia", but with a happier result (a marginal idol unit is now in space, the survival of humanity is guaranteed at least for a little while) (anyway, note continuation of the "journeying to space" imagery/concept) (this -- continuity -- must be worth something)

it sounds better loud actually. and the one w. blonde hair has dyed her end bits pink, and has white hair ribbons. Where can you buy hair ribbons, by the way, I have always wanted to know . . . ?

and we are reminded of "setsuden", when after the nuclear meltdowns, the convenience stores lowered their lighting. It was nice.

oh, and somehow me of reminded (their being in abandoned shop perhaps) this magnificent double-spread scene from manga "I am a Hero" where the "hero" main character enters a convenience store post-panic and muses he must be the last manga author alive (spoiler: turns out he isn't!)

from "I am a Hero" vol. 6 // (excuse my ((dirty)) thumb)

final decision: I like it as video as it is sort of all beautiful in a cute-girlz way, but if on cd I would likely skip this song. Lacks the "ga--" drive of previous stuff for example: http://malale.blogspot.jp/2015/04/hasten-jpopal-authority-001.html

I think I wrote a "poem" while asleep (squints at handwriting)

this is cuntish world

don't be convinced

otherways -- world's

interests against you

Is -- no -- an apparition

would be better,

vanish! world!

/// then I wrote

+ enter -- ... // but I think I'll omit that and end it at "world!" //

that's called, um, editing . . .

prob. inspired by my reading of __here__ late night (and being H/N period) and twittering inappropriateness, improprieties, I do beg your pardon, curtsy, bow, simultaneously/

include image of accumulated image-thing called "maw" . (because it's said people like images when observing blog entries)
OK, matthew:

I got a good review I got a good review, oh no, (variant on half man half biscuit)

beautifullviewreview of new genre #7 at here http://suptales.blogspot.jp/2015/08/new-genre-issue-seven.html

I don't think anyone had actually read my little works properly until now, maybe. (tho I had inkling, with WPWS, this is the one that would reach across the divide, and find the people, I think I thought that -- my idea of "pure" "sf" for our current era)

I remember waking up one day, thinking I'm gonna do something nasty-appalling, and the Rotund Chums were instigated, in notes at least.

the poor bastards. "trying to get to hell in a hurry" = JS

anyway, for those innarested(troubled people you must be), there is horrid horrid surgical "proceduce", the details as wikipedia has them: ・・/ in the actual fact, I can no longer locate the link, I think you are all better off for that. // UPDATE; i found the link, note, it is not happy reading, maybe do not undertake this surgical procedure but anyway: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemicorporectomy

but be careful out there . . .

I tried to purchase "supernatural tales" utilising my mother, some yrs back, could she send a cheque etc, but it didn't work, because I have to ask my mother at least twice to do anything, and even then . . . it is not that she is in dotage or otherwise incompetent, mentally, medically, you know, just I suppose she is my mother. She means well. There is no mother in WPWS far as I can remember

"supernatural tales" seems like worth purchasing if you can manage it, anyhow.

now here must be a jpop in celebration of this review. Or have we had too much recently. Most any event has seemed to provoke a j-pop. Why not a "the fall"instead? Hard decision to make(actually is, a hard decision)(I am trying to make it now)

Hold on: does it have to be or the fucking other? One of each?! Think carefully, Pendleton, on what you mean to do. A comment on each is required at least. The implications . . . ! either way, I think this is called a "plus point"

ok: video #1 = the fall "bill is dead" atypical in many ways, though listen its mdma-drenched luvved-up that's what they called it then: noteable lyrics: "your legs/ are so cool" and "came twice, you thrice" -- well these are acquired tastes -- also, plus-point, my wife, who I sent this video to as a link, can't view by her iphone, but if I embed, maybe she can! Let us hope so.

embed video:

and next it must be j-pop. as cute but still good as possible, I am demanding. Difficult yet . . .

hold on: for example, if I was to pick "BiS", they no longer exist, but it stood for "Brand-New idol Society", I think. there are two options, both seem like guerilla performances for select group of fans. One is in a train. I am going to save the one on the train for later, because I will sooner or later finish a novella involving trains and it will then be appropriate.

I am keeping things in reserve, you understand.

So now, you, get, "nerve" it is actually very famous, in marginal-idol circles, the dance for example. I like that the little boy sort of attacks the women, and also, he is momentarily placed under one's dress, and the girl with hair tied-up is v.cute, though I also like the almost-down-syndrome-of-appearance, maybe in fact the best tho that's not exactly the point. and sort of an other-antoganism with the little boy seems to develop, in snippets we are partly witness to, like maybe everything that has currently happened in true detctive season 2 (I'm a fan) (I declare)

video, go to bed!

and, don't worry, I like all sorts of other musics too!

and I write SFnal novellas and shall continue to do so until I die.

ベンas in BENTO or 弁当 u - one more unwise callholler-sorry

conversation post re: I'm not sure, something with sadness in it -- but that's everything!

I was thinkg the RD DL falling-out over how to do war poetry (a simplification I'm sure) could act as corollary -- ah that is the wrong word, just say "comparison" to current our era concerns in genre: i.e., the post-"racefail" "hugo-wars" "sjw" but probably not, probably not at all. Every poet in any case has some dispute surely with other poets -- and the point being they were initially very sympathetic to each other, and also, the funny thing, of DL intially completely misunderstanding RD's first letter as being a criticism, when in fact it was a heartfelt praiseful celebration &c

don't try to cohere on a blog.

I have only anyway read what shards are available on the google books. But these are relevant books (I'll link to the google books where you too can pick thru the shards):

-- (the actual letters) The Letters of Robert Duncan and Denise Levertov

-- Robert Duncan and Denise Levertov: The Poetry of Politics, the Politics of ...
By Albert Gelpi, Robert J. Bertholf

. . . and in case anyone actually simply wants to hand them over too me, thanks in advance.

I am nearing the end of (writing) a sister-complex(!) novella -- mentioned likely elsewhere on this blog, and this late letter from DL maybe hoping to reconcile, seemed to provoke some inspiration, and also, reader, it made me cry, cry along with DL in the letter quoted, so I post screencaptured, and wonder what others shall think of all this, now or in the future. What anyone must think, of all this, I don't know at all . . .

no no, hesse

so no, the poem was a bad poem, no matter, far as I can tell anyway, if you win the nobel prize, maybe make sure there are no copies of certain poems and also letters about your furious masturbating you send to you wife (Joyce! tho eveyone likes those letters so no problem) (they are better than this hesse poem) so the hesse is abandoned.

I have read some of his novels, assuming this is not the nazi hesse (who, hold on, travelled to england by himself, by plane, during WW2, and there is a Christopher Priest novel, wonderful I think, about this, the title The Separation -- it posits twins (oh!)(relevance of a sort)

novels I had read: something like: journey to a strange star (?) and something about a young violinist? "damian" or something. I had a lovely copy of "the glass-bead game" but it is in england. Or I am thinking of some other author. Never mind.

anyway, I post image of the poem I wrote out to work with, so you can see my terrible handwriting in two languages . . . the very top is not part of the poem or anything, what is it then? it is a doodle, plus the words I had in my head at the time, wait, I can barely read my own handwriting:
"of all the world's (sic), here's one,
a patter , " and that's it. Sorry.

also in the hesse poem there is a silly three-kanji word for "red wine" I coudn't be bothered copying so I just write アカワイン which is lazy of me, sorry. Maybe that was the crux of the poem. -- and see I orignally write アカイ which is a terrible error, I crossed it out in irritation and embarassment, and self-recrimination, with a blue pen that was to hand. A blue pen, I am in fact very fond of. . .

Never mind.