j-poppal authority 007(?)+1 first attempt to sum up a year part one

yurumerumo suicide EP

I shalln't name each song. Why not. I demand: Why?

a prior statement/hypothesis, all idol-units, however marginal, come to cohere at stages in the song, usually the end, plus the chorus, but sometimes the chorence, I mean it comes and goes, a weaving is going on in each idol-unit song.


1st song and it's video discussed was it here: http://malale.blogspot.jp/2015/04/hasten-jpopal-authority-001.html it has become familiar to me now. I miss the utter un-knowing that persisted for quite a while. I hope you enjoyed a similar feeling for a period, or was it just me?

2nd song , the most "idol" , with coherence to start with then some electronica subverts but subsequently itself subverts with most typical (on this EP) idol melody, for a while. Then also it sort of goes out of tune only to regain coherence picking up the dual-subversions in the meantime. and is now almost my favourite, its dislocations thus allowing it subsequently to do what the hell it wants.// drum&bass, school-bell (school opening melody)(or is it lesson change signifier), then the coherence which is at same time a de-coherence cohered as though E Pound's the Cantos where finished and cleared of fascist thought. Wow, that's a second song on a little EP of a marginal (at the time) idol unit!

3rd song . . . immediate electro melodic verse, then feel the chorus strenghtens only to drift off then srenghten again, until maybe the real chorus, like a statement (are all chroruses statements?) no sometimes just there for sake of having a chorus, in music etc, I like this disruptive, "chorus"-or-not, I like when there is no chorus, or it's only at the very end.
A call and response something transmute to an end with applause installed.

4th song . . . choral lines and harpischord somewhat then electric bass pulse ctaherdal-interior-somewhat,
more of a solo piece, for the beginning at least, then . . .
builds up with muted drum machine papapapapa// like a slight patter-glitch(it is slow like cathedral is slow to build) and the other members enter, ta ta ta and chordal slow melodies, naturally we expect a build up from beginning, that begins nice and late, and the variety of voice-tone is nicely collaged (like a stained glass window shimmering with fickle autumn light!) and it has a great finality to it. The cathedral is built. Attend it.

Escalator or Elevator - Entrance Ep

--(I don't either, know the difference)

this is a duo collobaration between a member of yurumerumo and bellring, both marginal for the moment idol units.

there is a (non-flinch-worthy) rap aspect to the beginning of the first song, then it coalesce to a reasonably normal chorus, though with a perfect sort of nonchalance only likes of "the fall" could pull off. Or a nirvana without heroin and they are girls around 20 and cuteness but also a sort of stubbornness are praiseworthy traits.

the other song (there are only two) has a wonderful broken off-tune vocal of one, then replaced by the other, until they form a chorus supplemented with electric synth, and "yabe~~", which has become a catchphrase in this household . . . this is like if you were 16 and had access to depas and some drink and the world looked like is about to blind you / a sort of Elaine Radigue piece compressed to 4 minutes of girls singing and strange sounds and they sing like they care then don't then do again. Like playground frolic during this anthropocene.

These are all treasures of the last year just passed, musically speaking.

(more to come, not all J-poppal)

possible of IGO import

each move is infinite, trouble /
by how it got there




j-poppal authority circa 006 recent ゆるめるモ

「id アイドル」

implications: to become an idol, is to take on an identity and suicide yourself (death by producer, the own clothes group-fun (shopping) mid-section, then the resurrection (in idol uniform(=uni-form, un-self i.d.) (then death again, it is implied) (what if there is nothing but bardo between bardo?) (and to become an idol one must be aware one day one shall not be an idol, a limited period identity only)

mirrors: marginal (地下) idol development over past few years (I want to argue 11th March 2011 as the trigger(this argument will be developed in a later post, I promise) BiS = idol is dead, now resurrected by yurumerumo (who are possibly soon to be not 地下, they are moving above ground (地上アイドル!)

what comes next, I don't know . . .




I try now to explain,
in / on 2ちゃねる
the thread on "I am a Hero"
they would make a list
of main theories
and "tree is key"
was a main early entry
on the list
(木="ki"=just so happens
to sound like key)
(i.e., as a key clue)
and early on, the very
1st volume, a tree is
mentioned, in the park
in Nerima, [placeholder for name of park]
                     ^^^^石神井公園=shakujii park / (stone god/spirit well?)
and I went with wife-woman
but couldn't find the key tree
(it was getting late and
my knee was still bad)
but in the lake in the
(very nice) Nerima park
is this sculpture:

and, that is all for now.

This is draft version of my
"I am a Hero" homework.

Also, I predict there will be 23 volumes in total,
because of this image(but see comment for my idiocy)

also, if I am to be generously
stretched with my thinking,
the third hand predicts the
strange "friendly giant"
who rescues our main characters
from hakone baths. . .

I will edit as I go and update etc
otherwise I can't manage to do.
The idea of perfectionism, or
simply "finishing" something,
I can't currently . . .

reconfiguring the past -- agglomeration of a night slightly out



↑ confirming I am in position of agreed spot to meet 
                             wife-woman and get pizza which is half price 
                             when you pick it up yourself (and I am reading
                             R B and crying but not sadly you understand)

今明大前だからもう少しね! ← wife-woman announces current train locale

enjoy the piano!
↑wife-woman encourages me to enjoy listening the piano
                             indeed it got better as it went on

tomorrow probably an almost-overdose of AMBIEN
in ORDER that
meds last thru
to Saturday
What life I lead
↑ I had revelation about what tomorrow (today) may bring
                               and made plans, it hasn't been needed to put in effect
                                to the extent I thought. I made soup. 

tree has
↑ there was a tree, its name ムク, assume that's the type of tree
                                in english? Aphananthe aspera 
                 ooh I should gather some leaves and polish some wood 

So there we have it I think pretty much as happened.
I have learnt something.
Have you?

Now I take ambien and whiskey excuse me, I can't cope this existence too well. At least there's soup! beauti-full soup/// that spicer "riffing off" Carroll ? no? soup of the evening.

RB : I have told many things and want
to tell more in a short time

. . .

more to come. this is setting the scene, so to speak.

conversation post late nov 2015 (late nov, late hrs)

tomorrow, I think I shall wake up and drink wine. It it perishingly cold, or will be. My grandparents would think so. I am going to drink wine and finish the 5th little book/novella. I shall sit here approx. where I am now and do that.  No-one probably will read the novella. Very few people have read the 1st, 2nd, nor 3rd, all published. I decide this does not matter.

When I have finished the 5th (where is the 4th, you may wonder? it is in the garage) I will probably go to sleep.

I may play a punishingly hard video game.

I shalln't think of dinner.

that will be beyond me by then if all above goes right.

Then the 6th, &c, and on the blog here, maybe, something or other. Otherwise, I'm not sure.

I go mento &c on saturday.

the perishing cold will lift a while, they say, on TV, then descend, it is called winter.

I don't yet believe in 2016.

When it happens, then OK.

To sleep is a wonderful thing.

current circumstance

pas MAL

.AND arise PostDAEAMONS of the current

A possibility of
it shines
I wish no comfort

current athwart circumvent AH!

my twitter is going asleep.

I don't know how to make it sleep, I just leave it alone a while. Unmolested.

It doesn't seem to matter.

I had dreams I remember now.

A cat with tongue peeping out. That was on twitter too, in actual fact. Remember my dead-cat, its tongue often peeping out. An endearing trait.

And (in the dream) many mantises all along the window, on the outside, or a window-thresh, whatever's it called, making love,threshing, in fact. Became less mantis-like, more hybrid-legged, and entwining with window-thresh, then still in the partnering (they were monogamous, sorry).

and that's it.

The End.

"integral tower", as mentioned on the twitter some time ago/

Destiny-Lock -- initial explanation

I had intended an I am a Hero "homework" series of posts before the release of 17th volume, but I have failed. At least let me explain "Destiny-Lock" and why this is important etc and in relation to the manga-comic I am a Hero :


over 16 yrs ago, when I was 19(?) or so, around-abouts that at least, ensconsced in a troubling boy's only japanese dormitory (秀(?)麗寮) (I went ill-mad there, I am sorry to my past self) but mangas(not quite proper plural of manga but don't worry) were passed around and the sole one I remember, after all the time, turns out to be a short by the manga author of "I am a Hero", which along with "the Five Star Stories" I am mainly interested in, as manga goes.

And I didn't know this until it was announced a collection of early short work would be announced, in one of the volumes, maybe around volume 8, I'll check,and I thought "what if?" what if it turns out ... but that would be too much of a coincidence, I thought . . .

so came to be a "Destiny-Lock"

does this make sense? It better make some sense.

It means the only story I remember from that time is by the author of the almost-only manga series that I care about and am reading as it is released.

Hence call it "Destiny-Lock"

This is as prelude to "I am a Hero" homework-studies series, wherein I shall do just as that title implies.

Though it will start from around current events in the manga, and then go backwards.

There will be digressions.

Images will be either photos from actual manga or on-line illegal-I-know scanlations depending on desire for quality etc.

Take care with spoilers please. I assume no responsibility beyond announcing what chapter(s) are to be discussed, in title of blog post.

last two pages from said story; title being: 「退屈な月」 released 1999,週刊ヤングサンデー第7号

wierd prior

wierdly day prior to visit to mento heathcliffe cycliclalsinkneeshschisms switched on tv an anime depicting precise spot I meet wife-woman after her french lesson to head to mento heathcliffe cycliclalsinkneeshschisms -- took photo -- there is a statue depicting . . . something, a male female couple in a dance the female has apple in hand behind back, so: adam and eve?

anyway, that's where I'll be before embarking on journey across penis bridge etc, wow.

weird, I sit right where they sit, or the other bench.