I got a good review I got a good review, oh no, (variant on half man half biscuit)

beautifullviewreview of new genre #7 at here http://suptales.blogspot.jp/2015/08/new-genre-issue-seven.html

I don't think anyone had actually read my little works properly until now, maybe. (tho I had inkling, with WPWS, this is the one that would reach across the divide, and find the people, I think I thought that -- my idea of "pure" "sf" for our current era)

I remember waking up one day, thinking I'm gonna do something nasty-appalling, and the Rotund Chums were instigated, in notes at least.

the poor bastards. "trying to get to hell in a hurry" = JS

anyway, for those innarested(troubled people you must be), there is horrid horrid surgical "proceduce", the details as wikipedia has them: ・・/ in the actual fact, I can no longer locate the link, I think you are all better off for that. // UPDATE; i found the link, note, it is not happy reading, maybe do not undertake this surgical procedure but anyway: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemicorporectomy

but be careful out there . . .

I tried to purchase "supernatural tales" utilising my mother, some yrs back, could she send a cheque etc, but it didn't work, because I have to ask my mother at least twice to do anything, and even then . . . it is not that she is in dotage or otherwise incompetent, mentally, medically, you know, just I suppose she is my mother. She means well. There is no mother in WPWS far as I can remember

"supernatural tales" seems like worth purchasing if you can manage it, anyhow.

now here must be a jpop in celebration of this review. Or have we had too much recently. Most any event has seemed to provoke a j-pop. Why not a "the fall"instead? Hard decision to make(actually is, a hard decision)(I am trying to make it now)

Hold on: does it have to be or the fucking other? One of each?! Think carefully, Pendleton, on what you mean to do. A comment on each is required at least. The implications . . . ! either way, I think this is called a "plus point"

ok: video #1 = the fall "bill is dead" atypical in many ways, though listen its mdma-drenched luvved-up that's what they called it then: noteable lyrics: "your legs/ are so cool" and "came twice, you thrice" -- well these are acquired tastes -- also, plus-point, my wife, who I sent this video to as a link, can't view by her iphone, but if I embed, maybe she can! Let us hope so.

embed video:

and next it must be j-pop. as cute but still good as possible, I am demanding. Difficult yet . . .

hold on: for example, if I was to pick "BiS", they no longer exist, but it stood for "Brand-New idol Society", I think. there are two options, both seem like guerilla performances for select group of fans. One is in a train. I am going to save the one on the train for later, because I will sooner or later finish a novella involving trains and it will then be appropriate.

I am keeping things in reserve, you understand.

So now, you, get, "nerve" it is actually very famous, in marginal-idol circles, the dance for example. I like that the little boy sort of attacks the women, and also, he is momentarily placed under one's dress, and the girl with hair tied-up is v.cute, though I also like the almost-down-syndrome-of-appearance, maybe in fact the best tho that's not exactly the point. and sort of an other-antoganism with the little boy seems to develop, in snippets we are partly witness to, like maybe everything that has currently happened in true detctive season 2 (I'm a fan) (I declare)

video, go to bed!

and, don't worry, I like all sorts of other musics too!

and I write SFnal novellas and shall continue to do so until I die.

ベンas in BENTO or 弁当 u - one more unwise callholler-sorry

conversation post re: I'm not sure, something with sadness in it -- but that's everything!

I was thinkg the RD DL falling-out over how to do war poetry (a simplification I'm sure) could act as corollary -- ah that is the wrong word, just say "comparison" to current our era concerns in genre: i.e., the post-"racefail" "hugo-wars" "sjw" but probably not, probably not at all. Every poet in any case has some dispute surely with other poets -- and the point being they were initially very sympathetic to each other, and also, the funny thing, of DL intially completely misunderstanding RD's first letter as being a criticism, when in fact it was a heartfelt praiseful celebration &c

don't try to cohere on a blog.

I have only anyway read what shards are available on the google books. But these are relevant books (I'll link to the google books where you to can pick thru the shards):

-- (the actual letters) The Letters of Robert Duncan and Denise Levertov

-- Robert Duncan and Denise Levertov: The Poetry of Politics, the Politics of ...
By Albert Gelpi, Robert J. Bertholf

. . . and in case anyone actually simply wants to hand them after too me, thanks in advance.

I am nearing the end of (writing) a sister-complex(!) novella -- mentioned likely elsewhere on this blog, and this late letter from DL maybe hoping to reconcile, seemed to provoke some inspiration, and also, reader, it made me cry, cry along with DL in the letter quoted, so I post screencaptured, and wonder what others shall think of all this, now or in the future. What anyone must think, of all this, I don't know at all . . .

no no, hesse

so no, the poem was a bad poem, no matter, far as I can tell anyway, if you win the nobel prize, maybe make sure there are no copies of certain poems and also letters about your furious masturbating you send to you wife (Joyce! tho eveyone likes those letters so no problem) (they are better than this hesse poem) so the hesse is abandoned.

I have read some of his novels, assuming this is not the nazi hesse (who, hold on, travelled to england by himself, by plane, during WW2, and there is a Christopher Priest novel, wonderful I think, about this, the title The Separation -- it posits twins (oh!)(relevance of a sort)

novels I had read: something like: journey to a strange star (?) and something about a young violinist? "damian" or something. I had a lovely copy of "the glass-bead game" but it is in england. Or I am thinking of some other author. Never mind.

anyway, I post image of the poem I wrote out to work with, so you can see my terrible handwriting in two languages . . . the very top is not part of the poem or anything, what is it then? it is a doodle, plus the words I had in my head at the time, wait, I can barely read my own handwriting:
"of all the world's (sic), here's one,
a patter , " and that's it. Sorry.

also in the hesse poem there is a silly three-kanji word for "red wine" I coudn't be bothered copying so I just write アカワイン which is lazy of me, sorry. Maybe that was the crux of the poem. -- and see I orignally write アカイ which is a terrible error, I crossed it out in irritation and embarassment, and self-recrimination, with a blue pen that was to hand. A blue pen, I am in fact very fond of. . .

Never mind.

conversation post # ]:}{`P*+?_>+~|^/ w. mention of New Genre#7 + possible &c, accompaniments

I have been granted permission to post another image was intended to promote the readercon event etc, so I shall. And then what. There is a recording of the you tube of a "panel" (concerning shld you answer reviews &c -- my opinion, sometimes why not, but maybe without fury &c -- I would like the opportunity, I have scant reviews) I felt it was an interesting panel. One day I want be on a panel but I think I'm in the wrong country and not esteemed enough. Also I lack self-esteem, as in zero/null. Though with some pernod, who knows. and benzodiazapnes (one day, learn to spell this word)

first, post the image (also, write shorter sentences, people lack inclination for you know ... reading altogether, almost)(!)

credit: A. Golaski

nice blue usage / I heard recently "depression" affects colour perception? I don't suffer from "depression" however, just maybe generalised melancholia, worry, financial un-ness &c / yet anyways, allow it to become a laughing matter.

I like to see a good use of colour but a colour-lack is always finely acceptable.

See i.e., Jay DeFeo, Matsutani, to speak of one dead, and one live, still I hope, artist. One's of whose work only, I have seen in the real life where colours propogate to the fullest extent of the laws of physics, &c.

I made a shopping list:
1/ charcoal
2/ granite
3/ stone ? (question mark as on list)
4/ ink - - (dashes as on list)
5/ sticks (probably doesn't require actual shopping)

-- ah, now I recall, after this tangent, something more to the point.

I enjoyed watching the panel about responding to reviews, while slowly
cooking some tomatoes.

One thing to note: (this is all related to some discussion on the actual panel) tangent online
changed it's policy of what to review (no semi-pro no more) around "racefail"
end-point, so it seems they locked themselves into a right-wing
attitude. I would have mentioned that, on the panel. It is my dream
among many other dreams, to be one day on a panel at readercon.
Though I can imagine myself getting very abrasive about some point or
other. And the pernod. I am repeating from the very top. It happens here, get used to it. (saying the same thing twice)

But, so, prior to then, I found, they had reviewed some of the earlier New Genre volumes. One, particularly poignant. I make a list if all reviews of previous New Genres with occasionally a comment:

tangent review of N.G.#1, 2000(!)
, by the late Jay Lake. A sympathetic review. Moving for reasons too of course.
2/ another tangent review (before their turning, I suppose) of N.G.#4 (2006)
3/ you must scroll a little down -- review of N.G#4 again
4/ the SF encylopedia online entry that needs to be updated I guess
5/ "Whispers of Wickedness" reviews again N.G#4 -- oh that site is now known as "future fire" I think -- it seems the 4th volume got the most reviews -- I suggest, it was when the online thing was starting with some enthusiasm, and is now in despondency
6/ review on/in "new pages" of volume 6, I'm in there O-o . . .
7/ probably the best review, in that it seemed properly engaged, in its, er, reviewing, Charles Tan, from now defunct(?) blog (it's a shame) "bibliophile stalker" ^^ I think "gamergate" is distracting him from his reviewing, yet we need reviewers like him . . .
8/ bonus interview same site as above with new genre editor man

likely there will be less and less reviews of this sort of thing, like the heat death of the universe.

Bonus copious tears chance: the leader of the panel mentioned all way above, someone I suspect is "third culture" in some manner, as I am, I shan't go into it not yet anyway, her cat of long life and companionship died and I was moved and still am and you may be too if you follow this link __ to Amal El-Mohtar's online zone __

I shall alternate between outright weeping and sniffles for a while now . . .

bonus J-pop by "the Skanty" headed by "yoppy", I don't know what happened to her, but she's, and they, the band, are cool. Consolation offered hereby:

two lacklustre drafts of a "hesse" poem tranlated from japanese to english, for no reason

to continue proving I know nothing of the japanese language, and to keep my hand in, that's what they say, "keep your hand in" meaning, I think, keep practicing or something, yet I never felt I had my hand in, nor out, to be honest, I decided to spontaneously translate a poem by Hesse, the writer I hope, not the nazi, or was there . . . ? I forget, anyway, as the book, collected poems of Hesse, is in the house, for reasons I think it was like 100en and has a nice appearance, so at random, I translate (spoiler alert, I got bored or unconfident to carry on but anyway) title: "love song" .. . gee, I guess it's an early work, but, here goes, hold on your hats and other implements, postgender peoples!

(I shan't translate the title as it is above already)

where I a flower,
you come across me, on a walk,
I, taken in your hand . . .

(that's the first "draft")

I try another approach:

I, a flower,
you, on a traipse,
I become yours, taken in your hand . . .

that's the first "stanza", I got bored, tired, oh, I explained above anyway. Actually there's only one other stanza, just slightly longer, I may give it a go, later perhaps.

I thought I should translate some haiku, to prove the theory or whatever, as mentioned on twitter, but I can't find any, or, all haiku ends up sentimental, and I am against that, I've said already, oh once or twice. I still weep copiously anyway. It is the stance that is important, perhaps . . .

better perhaps the ancient chinese stuff, with the brackets &c, I am sure you remember . . .

I thought, being a flower, is somewhat dangerous, may get trod on and also flower and human relations never work out well, or do they, is there a underground romance-fetish-scene I am missing terribly out on???

i fucked up

.but maybe I thought the japanese version of "ill seen ill said" has impertative last sentence but it doesn't!

I must have mystyifed myself into that readingIn any case, the qusetion still remains, I suppose, that "Know happiness." is imperative? i don't know. i think I wanted it to be an imperative

the question remains< but in any case it was not translated as such (imperative) but maybe be should (treated as such) (impertaive) I can't eve spell right I feel very stupid I am HYPER SORRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- addedumb:addendumb: in any case, in any case, all from now on, I cannot be trusted, on any further matter, that is for certain. No matter what. thankyou. Sorry/

strange or not
don't know
on all

post-script to messy WATT post, example of beauty, half-para

a gorgeous passage I partly quote, from pg 212:

"So Watt suspected that it was in the depths of the night, when the risk of disturbance was small, that Mr. Knott organized his exterior for the day to come. And what went far to strengthen this suspicion in the heart of Watt was this, that when sometimes, in the small hours of the morning, unable or unwilling to sleep he rose and went to the window, to look at the stars, which he had once known familiarly by name, when dying in London, and breathe the night air, and listen to the night sounds, of which he was still extremely curious, he sometimes saw, between him and the ground, lightening the darkness, greyening the leaves and, in wet weather, tinseling the rain, a fascia of white light."

what was I going to write about WATT by mr beckett?

because I was, it was fixed in my mind, what to write about Watt. I even have some notes, but they don't seem to pertain to anything in particular.

Firstly I had recommended to someone, if they needed some immediate laughter, read this part of Watt, what part, it is near the end, I'll try to be more specific. . . it's a broad spectrum really, anywhere from the page starting, let's say page one hundred and seventy-three, in the calder edition, I am sure editions don't differ all that much. What is the font in the calder edition? It doesn't say. Sometimes, in a book, somewhere near the start, it mentions what font it has been printed in. Oh well.

it is a readable font.

I was out and about for a while before the my fall and to go with me I took in my plastic bag because somehow I lack a proper bag, the book Watt, to read while sitting outside the station, for example.

I thought I would read the "Alphonse monologue" I don't know if that is the technical term for it. There are no technical terms for these things, don't worry about it so much.

it's a good monologue. I think it should be famous. Perhaps it is? There's a bit of it on youtube. It's excellent, but actually the continuation if it continued to the next bit, would be even better. Shall I find it for you?(on the youtube) and I can give you the pg numbers (strictly from the calder edition, mind) i.e, between pages 44 and 45 -- (and in fact it does continue, thank goodness, I was wrong):

on the occasions I read the "Alphonse monologue" outside, mainly, as we have established, stations, I made some notes, and these notes are on a piece of paper that lies (not lies) it is folded from pg 36/37 to pg 78/79 and has a summit or something oh I don't know. I shalln't know, how to describe it. A photo!

now all that remains is to transcribe the notes! Now I have noted the pages above, it is easy to replace them, I mean, place them, where there were, are still? as though supposed to be thus located, for ever and ever? that become become quote annoying... What am I saying?

I attach a photo of the notes, necessarily two photos, one inverted naturally, because . . . no never mind. Attach the photo please:

photo attached (that may not particularly be the correct word). Now let us simply transcribe what is written (note it is a paltry note) I feel ashamed.

I shall transcribe, plus offer explanations per each transcriptions, as to why I possibly had cause to transcribe what I did.
Question of where to start. I'll be quick as can. From the middle down, then vice versa.

Start from the left:

p42 (i.e. "How it is") -- explanation, it is my idea one day to compile a list of all things mentioned in "How It Is"
that refer to the "real" "our" world, and thought also here I could do a bit.
historic ref. "Lisbon's great day"
"ladder" -- thinking of the ladders in "The Lost Ones" perhaps?

"the very latest garden"
- - -

now invert, start from the right:
p38"Then at night not in the quiet houses there are no roads" -- explanation, this book was written apparently while the
author slept in ditches and whatever "refuge" provided
. . . -- empty houses perhaps -- "refuge" an important word in

"you lie down by a window opening on refuge -- the little sounds come that demand nothing . . ."

"a face offered" / ^^ a little explanation, "you lie down" echoes "company"
obviously . . .

exitus and redditus" ||
"watt" echoes "what where" the final play. Enough with echoes.

Other things (more general) I had say about Watt:

my theory: (utterly unproven, without proof looked for etc, so sorry) a novel to be written in circumstances involving fleeing from nazis etc, and entails a certain ridiculousness . . . the sections, it is not repetition, there's a better word, procedural, wherein most possiblities are considered, in (necessarily) repetitive fashion. I imagine a placeholder process, i.e., that section shall be a procedural repetition, that should fill some pages, until there's what amounts to a "novel". That's a theory I'll stick to til thoroughly disproven.

Also, the humour of the book is not just located where I recommended it to an acquantince, but it is very throughout. The Alphonse monologue for example, I laughed aloud outside the station. On my first reading I suppose I didn't notice all of this. Humour in Beckett may not be well understood. There are paid Guardian newspaper journalists still unaware he wrote any fiction at all. And "booker" judges &c . . .

One more maybe thing, the idea of humour in the Beckett, fading around "ping" -- I thought there was a www.pseudopodium.org lamenting this but I can't find it know, I'm sorry? (but here's best take on my complaint about "fail better":
http://www.pseudopodium.org/ht-20110710.html#2011-07-27) I shalln't dispute it. If it exists. But I am not necessarily in agreement neither. Whether or not it exists. I am in quandry.

A certain humour is an overwhelming sort, and that is what is in Watt, I think. It requires pressure. Trouble and bad places to sleep, remedied now and then by a refuge, a chance-find. After a while your legs go bad, and/or your eyes, and being funny's a far thing from your mind.

That'll have to do for now?

"I can remember a lot about the kingdom . . ." conv.post 2015 july, hours: late

I post my abstract fatima, who she is I dunno. My wife-woman puts her in various technically-adapted lighting structures on her "tumblr" and there is a "collage" I did too, among all sorts.  There is a "secret garden" I like.

That (collage) is just you stick things together and hope for the best. Not "college" or is it the same . . .

I went to sleep way too early and now woke up too early but not late enough to attempt another venture at sleep, that's nighttime for you, and optimisms. optiminimisms. optimalmimsies.

I have many bruises and things blooming in unexpected interesting ways hooray. And my leg seems worse but I am assuming like the pre-war 2nd gulf war 1997(?) "labour party" "things can only get better" -- holy shite, holy hannah (hat-tip golaski) things must be pretty dire right now.

But why.

I shall make all corrections.

... the peace I was going to establish"

all events compound-pound

a mother's sister's death (your aunt, someone haad to inform me), a fall, a bad knee, unwalking, selfie ham (that's a code), a reaching out to people (desparation). the realisation nothing is very good, yet everything is quite funny,
the first apparition this year of the cicada (tenative)-____________________-

I ask myself

what's it doing
better not know
I've decided the endeavor
no matter

this doesn't I'm commonly concerned as to what I'm doing

as a concert-goer given wrong directionshelp
I feel i've been born
all the suddens