notice ~UN____

overlong state of dysphoria = none of any here / nothing to see, here ; think that's what it is, investigatively speaking the occasion is as such: UN- meaning there is barely little, though seeing as I'm writing this, perhaps we are on the up-swing, but that's no guarantee, I think it's termed "kinetics", & "inertias" -- always important to follow through -- follow through on a null move could be like swooning to sleep, grace-full -- dash-cancel-dash fall off edge, in some game or other

-- pendulum-like i.e. up-swing has not in itself positive connotation(s)

I thought I should state this here (un)clearly as apologetics for some emails I have not responded to, a handful of peoples I almost know, and have not responded to, because I currently can't (a handful if people were the size say of somewhat generously sized prunes, it's around four, people-prunes, or am I over-scaling the prunes in my head? or am I thinking of dates? the fruit, not the scheduled wariness requiring another person, no it is a similar fruit species if not actual same family) I am trying to think: prunes, dates, there is something else, I am dismissing apricots?

maybe I shall write an email one of these days less dysphoric

yet I must be on up-swing, to have been here, "composing" post, posting post, not yet but not unsoon hereafter

I'm in an early september where are you

wednesday of a j-PoPre-LimnNary-Not Reversal

prelimanary matters concerning j-POPs of a wednesday day more or less

j-POPs according to here = female things, not men-pops (horrorness) but with otherwise wide-range i.e. may include a "boris" one day, for example / and electrics -- electrics shall not suffer gender discrimination

shall suffer racial discrimination, i.e. j=japanese-only-POPs

anti-guitar solo zone though maybe exceptions, in which case may suggest to skip certain period i.e. to avoid guitar solo -- this may also apply to certain songs by grupe called "globe" that sometimes features unfortunate impositions of "rap" by someone known as "panther, marc" (yet there are still exceptions even to this)

final note matters: here is "high-sock" positive zone  / posting of wednesday j-POPs may be swiftly followed by highly unconnected other post, due to embarassment of having posted j-POPs -- parataxis-like


in the meantime j-POPs prior to this, on here, I collate thusly:

reassertion-of-beauty-by-1-haco - video unavailable, sadly un-re-assertable

 - video re-assert intact

current-favoured-of-j-popping-1-parts - video intact

capsule-correspond - bolero unavailable (contains no actual j-POPs) (but contains ikaruga chapter 4 footage)(no I was mistaken, it is chapter 3 silly me)

cache-limit-004-interludinal-music - video intact

harmony-mode-founding-out - one video (the "main feature") intact

inspirate-songvideo-001 - video intact

analysis-of-kimagure-romantic-by - video highly unavailable, use imagination

incoming deKooning alarum

now and then on here (example 1, example 2)I mention mr deKooning his works and their un-viewableness generally speaking in the proximal zone I am positioned, but, then, upon a random search, just the other week, it now so happens to be the case that actual deKooning works will be viewable, in a small exhibition, in realm:tokyo, and it is in october, and, it is good that there are things to happen, scheduled, for future months, because it gives one less of a reason to die, and more or less a little encouragement, my goodness, to continue, oh only a little, you needn't be worried, curtailment is coming, deKooning or not, but for now, existence until exhibition-opened window of october2014 to january2015, more or less confirmed, excepting death from accident or as-of-yet unnoted bodily lurking illness, or end of world thing, and that comes under accident I reckon. Unless it was according to someone's plan.  And if it is destiny, that is just an accident prolonged enough to live within.  One beginning and one end, our given impenetrable borders.

electroniconnecticall messages!

electric messages!Hello

Now everyone come equipped with "smartphone" it's not as bad outside, not stared at quite so
much, everyone walking while enraptured with their little "smart" devices -- they can send
electric messages! through the invisible networks! to their friends! they've friends! and,

I am not equipped with "smartphone" though I have observed one, and know about those "apps"
-- they, they do things, electrical, and invisible margins where the work occurs, I think.

I have thought of some "apps" myself.

1(one) idea of 1(one) "app"
: Fact -- people compulsively take photos of little cats
wheresoever they graciously appear -- utilising "smartness" the "app" will remember the
little cats: their outward form, where they were when photographed, and start compiling a
database of the little cats and their entanglements, i.e. family resemblances / thus when
re-encountering a little cat, the "smart" "app" power will alert the user, enable tagging,
etc etc, you 
surely get the idea -- and to form shared networks of the same cats over the networks
intangible connections and eventual family trees of all little cats snared in app database

second idea of one "app": trees are nice aren't they. Take photo of nice trees. Trees
don't move much do they. "smartness" looks for other photos of same tree, in the past, and if
possible, in the future, and the relative present (different angles an so on) -- suggests
familial relations to other trees, teaches what sort of tree, what life-forms enjoy this
tree, what may the tree become, what the tree maybe was, what a tree is, where are you and
where it is, you will enjoy resonance, with, without, tree(s) -- your own holy "smart"
forest, awaits, "app" second end of second "app"

Last "app" from position of no-hope
-- or, a way of enticing people to read novellas --
seems a cruel thing to do, forgive me, but:  method:  

                                                             a) tag-team conjoined champions "writer(1)" & 
"editor(1-to several is conceivable)" TAG choice sentences/phrases from 1(one) novella (one for now, 
at start of this venture) some sentences/phrases may be TAGged independently by both writer and editor, and the
reader selects what interests from the floating TAG field cloud
                                                             b) when, then, option to read the paragraph within which the selected sentence/phrase sits, or patch of said paragraph -- the "surroundings" of the phrase/sentence, becomes itself selectable, to be read, further on, the page itself, later, the chapter/section itself
                                                             c) and various paths into the work are opened formed by initial interest of reader, and option to have the entire novella, for free, why not (donations possible)
                                     /  and traces of introductory "induction" path can be accessed for nostalgia-purpose etc             /    share, compare, the paths   /     it is somewhat similar to first of all reading a literary essay and finding in it interesting quotes, citations of a work, a work that you then head towards    /   it depends on initial reader interest though not that the "first page" be the "hook" etc as tired "advice" says, demands, that must be, I say "no more"        /       eventual good interested reader the veteran reader has sentences/phrases/ patchwork extractions from many such novellas a legend-class stock of tagged paras and etc to in app-form perhaps can float interact make music like electroplanktons! and swap need got with the burgeoning masses of enthused reader-adventurers

/ thus born from third app as suggested by me

/ and I offer 4th little book/novella for sacrifice/experiment/autopsy-able corpse to-be

compulsory cat app compel edition

tentative announce schedule for nows

tremble tentative blog schedule for now till mortal doom

a wednesday j-pop

a saturday the fall

we will be exact precise like militarily

a wednesday will be j pop / it's a lose term / expect surprise / must be open to over-cute /

a saturday the fall, very simple ,  day after tomorrow then / start tentative schedule --


otherwise what I'm supposed to do, don't know, currently am thriving at bottom of drained container of no-hope

very fucking no hope

so what the fuck are you looking at

サ・say something ・sad ly said blog format O sadness !

public convenience on some way or other towards nakano

while sadly saddest saddo whoever had a "blog" (= extra sad points) I, people, commented, upon my own blog, very sadly.  Yet hold on.

"my self" has left a new comment on your post "TOWARDS A DEFINITION OF "purple trap"":  wherein, as it were, I, as it were, pat, myself, on the very back, so to speak

"my self" has left a new comment on your post "stolen comment":  wherein, I'm not entirely sure

"my self" has left a new comment on your post "Al Pacino Anti-Olson Poetry . . .":  wherein reality disputes

"my self" has left a new comment on your post "manga abortion":  wherein I properly identify the illustrator of a bosom

"my self" has left a new comment on your post "what the tv is like":  wherein I apologise for a previous enthusiasm

"my self" has left a new comment on your post "New Shock 2":  wherein I express fear

"my self" has left a new comment on your post "Little Book #3":  wherein I berate myself for having "hope"

shadow grid

and, in other news, I had a dream wherein I was with my old friend called adam george, he had become a girl, and had a nice hair arrangement, I complimented her, "I wish I was a girl," I said, we were in Korea, I have never been, looking after someone's appartment, what is that called, in an appartment complex  it occurs to me now I have been often in dreams -- worryingly narrow corridors -- and, on rare expedition to the outsides, in same time bubble quadrant (close in time to the dream I told you about) entered a korean restuarant zone, partly because the beer was half price (it said outside, a sign outside, told us so), and, it was not unpleasant at all, yet I was asked where I from, and responded truthfully i.e. england, and then the typical question I am sick of, what football team do I like, to which I must respond truthfully, like a door in a riddle, and the truth is, I am so sorry, I do not like football -- it's full of "male slags" and it is boring -- ultimately there should be a revival of the holocaust focused purely on football fans and the football players and the promoters of football, the stadiums become carnivorous -- this would be a better class of holocaust -- don't worry, I will spare the cute, but won't be much, that's football's fault, it's anti-cute

In any case, by going to korean restaurant, I participated in the forming of good "race relations"

but felt bad about not liking that football sport // put a stop to some kind of friendliness //

in other news in another dream, it occurred to my dreaming self, what we need is a New Genre #7 support group!  once every two months, in the "sakurasuisan" south of nakano JR -- currently my favourite -- customers include a mass gathering of "idol fans" after some event, they were "shyly boisterous" -- unlike fans of that sport, and others -- and in the dream, the ideal "the Fall" song was suggested, to provide inspiration, and general succour, to the support group, but I can't, upon waking, "for the life of me" figure out which particular "the Fall" song it was -- there is a lot to chose from//

in any case, oh well, I am in the wrong continent, your location, sir, // puts a stop to some kind of friendliness // it's an old story // I'll say something else soon, but for now -- I am in a dangerously good mood -- bye, good night --

public convenience with superimpose of "wife-woman"

1 image made re-assert

w.pencils and that
on paper /  taped to
wall  /  and lines
accumulate   /  w.out
much     thought but
   it    is    surprising
(and annoying) how
much thought happen
(no mercy shown)

habitat features heed habitant #2

somewhat a lump lamp, illuminates the toilet and bath zones (they are somewhat divided, lightly, not sternly, by a something like a panel, something like a glass screen)

nowly admittance

I keep finding myself enjoying "inappropriate" things such as 7/7 conspiracy theories and resulting finds such as little miniscule, unremarkable-you-may-think transcripts from trial, "official enqueries" inquests etc - um ah well - I intend to revivify this here bogzone with "posts" i.e. re: actual things, like almost little chats to myself and the inter-aether, yet I seem to have lost most "friends" I had had, and feel blockage from the undeterminable state of a text "work planet welt space", there may be mention of it in a side-bar to your right, and my right also, because I am not the screen, monitor, nowadays it's a "surface" -- so I am endevouring to make an "enquiry" which means, drink wine soonish, because I am, overall, frightened (for little-to-no reason), en-saddened.


14 Q. The movement within that carriage, given the
15 circumstances of that carriage, necessitated, did it
16 not, the removal to one side, if I can put it that way,
17 of the carriage, or one side or other of the carriage,
18 of a number of those who had lost their lives in order
19 to assist those who, although injured, were still alive?
20 A. Yes, sir.

note elderly note note

She was convinced in recent months
       she was the test-subject in mind-
        control experiments /

When she read books, she hallucinated that smaller books were emerging from the text with secret messages for her.

"I am on a trajectory that will eventually see me and my once captive alter system free. The rest of you are becoming more and more conscripted."

habitat features heed habitant #1

toilet fixture mecha face, w. trigonometry advice(?)



111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321