I hurt my leg and scrap wrote while seated at table one short while

piteous ardent surroundings
could be a garden but lurks
among its "attendees"
//not to offer service//
offers as on super-offer
great deal of harms
dealt mainly to
onseself -- "attendee"

-- "while seated at table" I mean on the floor. There are no chairs in this house. Maybe with one chair, I could reduce my leg injuries by half --

Offer, matthew, for the blog-reader, for their suffering something, half an image of something, at the very least. What though.

An 80s british shopping centre interior, that's what. purloined long ago from blog "found objects"

Now I go the bathroom to urinate. These matters have to be considered in advance (consider my bad leg). I figured ways to step into the bathroom with minimal pain extra. For example, use walls to lean your back on. That is one strategy I have unearthed. It's a minimal trial I suppose, though things learnt now may help in the future. I think that's usually the case?

I note the existence of "New Genre#7", &c, using decrepated(sic)=deprecated(?) html

(funny ha-ha story, when I had novella accepted for new genre#6, for some reason I thought new genre#6 was out already, so I thought it was new genre#7 I was going to be in, so when I submissively submitted other things to other places, on the "cover letter" I noted like "such-and-such" forthcoming in new genre#7, when in fact this was not the case. So I was committing fraud, or something. Yet now I am in new genre#7 anyways so . . . hmmmm)

what I wrote initially in side-bar(can't be seen by yr modern machineries)upon confirmation of acceptance of text WPWS in New Genre #7 as of then forthcoming circa 2012(?) I comment on what wrote I wrote then now hence this "decrepated" table format maybe can't be seen by yr modern machineries
SF novella-ish Work Planet, Welt Space found home in NEW GENRE #7 which is TBA but likely to be in the future rather than the past. According to science, time, or something, or we, move or are moved forward to what is the future, and only very rarely do we end up in the past.

。 。 。
NOW it is indeed the future, and the home, as it were, has been built, and habitable, it is inhabited by my text, the title of which mentioned to your left, and four other texts, by authors, I shall name them, I don't think it's rude to do so(?)(correct me if so with harsh message/comment &c): no, instead I'll link the editor's blogentry in which names are named, feels more appropriate -- "I chicken out at the edges(sic?) of it and something-something, it's not like the something-something = half(no, less than)-remembered J S poem . .
-- a doubt enters /august 2013/ re: eventual publication of this -- !! current work stalls around this limbo -- !!

。 。 。
yes, panic had set in, I was wondering if anything would occur, c.f. this blog entry on this very blog, and maybe at that point I had ceased this blogging etc, though I managed the construction of an 80pg novella, see here --->;, and other things plus am almost done with a sequel to the WPWS currently out in all the most well-regarded of vendors. So it's OK. Things take time is all.

Partly basic premise found echo in this found quote (source lost):

"Lyotard scandalised the bleating socialists of his day by writing of a proletarian jouissance: "the English unemployed did not become workers to survive, they - hang on tight and spit on me -enjoyed the hysterical, masochistic, whatever exhaustion it was of hanging on in the mines, in the factories, in hell, they enjoyed it, enjoyed the mad destruction of their organic body which was indeed imposed upon them, they enjoyed the decomposition of their personal identity, the identity that the peasant tradition had constructed for them, enjoyed the dissolution of their families and villages, and enjoyed the monstrous anonymity of the suburbs and the pubs in the morning and the evening."

。 。 。
I haven't yet read Lyotard's "the Libidinal Economy" but want to for some reason. This quote probably came from some accelerationist or somesuch-related blog from the lost epoch busy-blogging about such matters and all else. This is a class-system being if not "criticised" at least "mentioned" at the very least. I was/am considering WPWS "working class" SFnal fiction) There was a time when all the british sf blogger peoples were lamenting the lack of such ("working class" &c, need I remind you, and I thought, here's my chance, I'll show them, but that was two or more years ago, and now probably they've moved on to many other things, and meanwhile my technology is deprecated (a class divide now in html and &c, and many other &cs) (probably in fact I well-escaped a "critical drubbing"

All that plus you are getting (you will be getting, in time) zukofskyian space battles.

。 。 。
litigious notions were/are still, I dunno, abroad, like the storm witches in the children books comprising "Tim and the Hidden People" Nowadays all poets mentioned on this blog are identified by their initials only. No particular stance is being taken, please don't misunderstand. There is something from R.D. later, for example, and maybe R.B.du.P(?!)
You have a dignified amount of time to ready currencies for purchase.

。 。 。

you certainly did /have time/ I believe the price is what you are willing to pay plus postage to wherever you exist, from where new genre exists which is america, the United States of, not the other bits, Boston, or somewhere like that? Massachusetts// lovely word. hard to spell. Don't ask me though, talk to the editor. I am trying to mend my knee. Bad knees don't get along with capitalism. Well what does? (dead-cat bounce)

attempt hesitant selfpromotional acts re: "New Genre#7"

here is the mighty New Genre #7 in its full form as if we had eyes to see the front and back of things at the same time, not x-ray vision, that wouldn't work like this, this is splay-vision:

click __here__ to do what I say below, thankyou

I want my wife to make a blend of all the imagery it (the mighty cover of the mighty New Genre #7/ vol.7) reminds me/us of, using her technologies but she is v.busy right now, let's be patient, take things slow, make sure there are enough respite time slots, don't become again dystonic etc. . .

one thing troubles me, that all the tags I put on posts for example "Jpoppal ungainly", which this anyway wouldn't "fall under" don't seem to show on new technology devices like "smart phone", unless you choose "view web version" so a lot of things I have tried to do, to make this blog, for example, cohere, have failed utterly -- also, the "side-bars" (they should be to your right, on "web version view", but there's no guarantee) don't show, on the new technology devices, and so all the information in these side-bars, for example, a little bit re: my self (who am I? that's somewhat answered in said side-bar) plus all my "previous publications", and links pertaining to such, all in the side-bar, all perhaps useless. What shall I do?

In the meantime, if you click the link beneath the image of the new new genre, you should be taken to the page of its creator, and perhaps there is more pertinent and immediate information waiting for you, there, as opposed to, here.

I hope we are coming to an understanding, over-gradual though it may seem (the pace at which we are coming)(to an understanding)

J-popal authority 004

サッ! today's j-pop may differ from previous as that was mainly idol things wasn't it, marginal idol, yes, mainly the point is they are units of some size, from I think 6 members, to 2 members. Now we have an all by herself musician (I am having a feeling it may once have been a duo) but these are by herself, and the live footage I have seen on the youtube is herself, with laptop she operates herself, like merzbow nowadays or last time I saw him anyway, which was not nowadays, it was many moons ago, in fact.

The other difference is maybe this jpop I have selected is not necessarily "marginal", she may have acquired some success already.


this song is a history lesson of sorts. About Marie Antoniette. I didn't watch the recent film that was maybe popular here. I didn't realise it had spiderman's girlfriend in it. I sort of like her so maybe would have watched it? anyway, also popular here, with girls of a certain generation, or maybe multiple generations, because it keeps getting repeated, like "dragonball" which has been on tv every tuesday evening since I arrived here some 7(?)yrs ago, is "rose of versaille", which is about, yes you know already, it is more historically accurate than "dragonball" I suppose. . .

the main point is the "let them eat cake", in french " Qu'ils mangent de la brioche " and in the japanese here in this song as at 2:39 the kind of twist to the song "お菓子を食べればいいじゃない" which has now become a catchphrase of sorts in this little household . . .

also the feeling that marie antoniette may have been genuinely well-meaning in her statement, not of course knowing much about the world of poverty, she didn't I think reach the age of the buddha for example to start questioning things enough, or did she, they don't teach her in english schools, and I haven't seen the film, and the anime series was shown only in every other european country excepting england, because england wants to be america, and america didn't show all the series that europe showed, though they did something strange with a triad of series to make something called "robotech", but even that wasn't shown in england. I only watched "kimba the white lion" in arabic, just before call-to-prayer interval. Afterwards, the cosby show? different strokes?

Why did they never show "the tripods" anywhere, man, fuckyou.

About the guillotine, it is a bit monsterous, and if I am against killing it is mainly against the killing of girls. But at least in any case don't automate the process. I think from long-ago "research" the first guillotine was and is still, as relic, in england?

the 2nd personage of this musician-singer in this video wears a nice skirt rose-many hued that appears in another video also so it doesn't go to waste, don't let a good skirt goes to waste, but this is not the next video:

she is singing about shibuya at the beginning, but where it's filmed is in kichijouji?? You see when she is in a red dress then spinning then the dress only on a coat hanger? I like that. Do you? Her lyrics are marvellously sort of pop-culture in excess with some sort of, I don't know, recognition of how everything is fucked up? Like right at the start she stands in street looking half-or-just-a-third wasted somewhat? No? With a merriment in any case? I guess that's a good way to go about things? from 2:26 is when the pressure-joy sets in, and it seems a celebration of shibuya, in one sense, and restauraunt discount coupons, in another sense?

This song is less historically-resonant as far as I can tell. It may be a celebration of shibuya? it is a better place than shinjuku, by all means, let it be known.

Who knows. Lots of this fun with the "J-popal authority" is overthinking things and also celebrating cuteness and &c. Do you notice the reference to "Popal authority" by the way? try to keep up.

kaputt! went

kkappuut! went attempintent on the twitter I no longer nor never did like the twitter perhaps, it doesn't "sit well" with me -- but intended to to announce on it (the twitter) the new genre 7 arrival in tokyo this was waylaid by dystonia attack but image neverless I took then was concocting other images &c

New Genre vol.7  unpacking with boon extra extra boons

under dystonic attack shortly after taking that photo, strange isn't it, all the timing of receiving via postman, right after adequately showering at dress decent, to greet the postman within five minutes good window//

I have things to do , that must be from tomorrow onward, onwardS, plus, I may leave twitter, for use when dying only, as at the moment I can only use it via my wife's "smart phone" which is called "veronica" (my mother's sister's name, by the way), otherwise all my browsers on my old computer, don't work with twitter. The twitter can be seen, but the virtual buttons can't be clicked, and &c. Why would you want to know this. Upon deathbed or nearabouts, twit a few observations "light I'll soon be without, and it me, what . . ." "via my corpse awaiting a light touch on my brow perhaps before incineration" . . . then murmurations, connfabulations, koanfabulurationalisations of strange process.

Not yet though!

"though very soon after" goes the easy FW echo.

my "trip" to mento heathcliffe cycliclalsinkneeshschisms

code necessary, see `+_;`

In any of all the cases under consideration, considermisseration, and for the good of my heathcliffe/

, I, I went to: mento heathcliffe cycliclalsinkneeshschisms, as it had become necessary (since oh 5 yrs back at least, but it's never too late, so they say, though I starting to think it is, too late, yet nothing to be done, this is the best option, of otherwise nil, count them, I counted them, the options, there was this 1(one) soley (awwwww(I feel sorry for it, this one option, being all alone)awwwww) NOTE: "wwwww" is also japanese netspeak-code for "laughing" sometimes laughing at something it would be considered "inappropriate" to laugh at, maybe. I wwwwwww all the time, these days.)

(try it yrself: wwwwww)

. . .

I went to mento heathcliffe cycliclalsinkneeshschisms, on a 5th floor (of a building -- this is necessary) (one day, count how many things, in that one day, things you see, hear, things you pass by, for example, are necessary) (these digressions for example, are they or not, necessary) (for me, yes)

. . .

inside (the mento heathcliffe cycliclalsinkneeshschisms) are white seats arranged somewhat like in a private jet as seen in motion movie pictures for example or in episodes of "24" for example when Jack Bauer is traveling with the president of the "united states of america" in order to, we are to assume, protect him (the president) from harm, though sometimes the president has nobly offered himself as a sacrifice and/or hostage, yet, we are assured, I think, surely, that Jack Bauer has a plan, a ruse, "up his sleeve" as it were, you will have to wait en episode or two -- why doesn't Jack Bauer just become the president of the "united states of america" then he could very capably protect himself? answers on a postcard.

the chairs (I called them seats above) (what is the difference) -- the seating is all the one direction which is two doors, wherein, in both doors, I am assuming, you receive the help you need. There are like 5 seats, then 4, then maybe another 4, or merely 3, then there are maybe 3 continuously, or there are 2 then 1, or they are 2 rows of 2, the lesser the number, the closer you are to the two doors. There is a toilet to the left. At the pinnacle-reach of the least-most chairs, there is a "water-cooler" like around which in offices people used to talk about the latest episode of "twin peaks" in the 1990s . . .

a counter is aligned leftwards, yes, perpendicular(?)(I have never been good with descriptions of spatial arrangements) behind the counter are seated (for the most part) nurse-secretaries, two or three, all of a female appearance. There manner is very kind, I am sometimes moved to tears by their manner . . .

. . .

I do not think music plays in the mento heathcliffe cycliclalsinkneeshschisms, I shall verify next time, that is a tomorrow.

I hold handkerchief in my right hand.

. . .

beneath mento heathcliffe cycliclalsinkneeshschisms is a pharmacy (thought to "encode" this word too but what's the point). There is a fish tank, you can sit by it, it is a good idea I think, to have this fish tank. Where I sat, I noticed, in the fish tank, among all the aquatic life, a dead fish, being et, nibbled, by two main fishes, then a kind-of transparent (many of these little fishes are quite transparent, you will find) prawn/shrimp I don't know, attempted a nibbling also, but was discouraged, by the fishes (the two fishes engaged in the nibbling) (of the dead fish) . . . I don't know much about fish tank maintenance, whether a dead fish should not be removed, or not.

but the strangest thing about the dead fish, was that it seemed to have had been cooked, steamed probably, and, I was troubled by this. Luckily, I had been to a mento heathcliffe cycliclalsinkneeshschisms, and was in receipt of uh, my meds.

. . .

there we have it, mainly, we have come to reasonable finish I think, on blog post re: mento heathcliffe cycliclalsinkneeshschisms. There have been some intentional echoes of some "The Fall" lyrics, if you care to notice (if you know to care to notice)


. . .


a library on the way to mento heathcliffe cycliclalsinkneeshschisms, I got a card, this is an achievement people, damnit (I am become agitated a little for example like when Windom Earle is discussing "the dugpas" in that footage in the tv series "twin peaks") The library has some pleasant surroundings grounds as though a little park etc, and a statue of "Ghandi" -- donated perhaps, there was a sign, a cultural exchange in sculptural form perhaps, there was a sign, I'll check next time

I discussed with my wife the rumour or is it fact (libelous, in fact)(?) that, Ghandi liked to sleep naked or something, beside his 14yr old niece, or something, to test his restraint, or something? I think we concluded something like: if he had powers of restraint, they wouldn't need to be tested, to there was something amiss, i.e., he fancied his 14yr old niece, and was holding out for the night when he would wake up with her riding his face (Ghandi's face) in unrestrained sexual, umm, play, or what-have-you. In which case, is there a point, other than that, something here is the wrong way round, erroneous, I'd say. We came to some conclusion.

. . .

I will post something soon about jpop so you can get the nasty feeling off of youse

this blogpost is over. You can laugh now you bastards.

. . .




I report situation(UNALARMING)

I just witnessed a fulsome-enough tree branch swim through the river I'm standing by

must be strong rains to the west(where tree was) relents east (where the tree-parts ARE going) (with its
or what's left of it

I, being on blog, saw blogs

I being on blog decide to show my agglomerate of other blogs, they who are still on blog, and I put them here, a link, plus a little note each, be aware I'm very shy so have not contacted any of the blog-people and if they want me to pretend I don't enjoy their blog by representing them in the following, do let me know, if you are not too shy also, and if I am not to shy in response, I may manage to disengage you from this just about to be a ghostly community, and if I am too shy to do that (disengage you from the glory that is to come), well I must apologise right now , and shall be under a blanket most of my life remaining . . .

favour blogs// they now follow:

http://callingdrbombay.blogspot.jp/ An expert of Henry Darger, who writes often wonderful poems about Henry Darger, and other things I suppose too, and writes too with great heart about mento troubles (that's a code, see some early post here-in)(I mean on my blog here)(not over there), recently her cat died, I grieved for it, my dead-cat (see below) "came to me in the dark", but recently a five year old girl with cancer all over her body has visited as a replacement, she demands(the five year old girl who does not exist I am talking about a dream or half-dream sleep paralysis moment) lots of tea, and I realised, upon waking, we only had one floor cushion (we have no chairs) and although it had been on my mind, and on my shopping list, to find some floor cushions, I hadn't, until just after the dream, wherein, whereby, whence, whatever's the word, came across two at a very reasonable price, in just the best reasonable I think colours, so now, there are floor cushions, but as for the tea, if it is english tea the guest wants, we have only one reasonable cup, and one too-small I think tea-pot, and if it is japanese tea, we have the equipment, but my wife better be present, because she has had the necessary training, and the training, reader, is necesssary, otherwise you just make a mess.

So now we have three floor cushions (zabuton) (座布団) (...again with the floor cushions, we once had two, but my wife-woman's little bother burnt his appartment down, and came to stay here, and reader, we lacked extra pillows, so one floor cushion became customaryily used night after night for his pillow, and then when he got a new appartment, the sleeping futon, and the floor cushion (i.e. za-futon, fu become bu, just because) za, as in "zazen" dear zennist-readers) (the "za" from "suwaru" 座る verb: to sit -- try not to confuse with "sawaru" "触る" verb: to touch, can lead to awkward moments -- this has been a japanese lesson, for free, and I have managed to confuse myself) -- so he got a futon and a zabuton --

-- this is when I felt the "blogging" is okay to be doing, and the space of the "blogging" is now become that of an "untroubled failure" and is benevolent in all its aspects, like humus, for example, I don't think anyone has been harmed by humus, have they? I don't know how to spell humus, most likely.

http://fortlaufen.blogspot.co.uk/ here, also called "flowerville" -- was mentioned in the "a blog comes to one in the dark" // I was talking the other month about (not talking directly, to you, or here, I was thinking about) "I have given you a cat in the dark" from R.D's last poem. All seems to fit. There is talk about trauma on this blog. Trauma is a strange thing. It likes a delay, catches up, and you are in sudden jaws, though never quite eaten. (no, in fact, you can be eaten -- the one time only perhaps)

http://ifyouknowwhatimsaying.blogspot.jp/ all about anthony braxton. A valiant act of impossiblities. It may be currently resting, but deserves to. Rest up till the work to be done seems again do-able. Bit by bit.

http://www.pseudopodium.org/ a webzone wherein all elements of things I happen to be interested in (SFnal fictions, Zukofsky, Spicer) plus much else I don't have a clue coalesce in an intelligence vortex . . .

I now emplant a j-poppal by Oomori Seiko called "over the party" as in celebration (and do you know by the way mystery in the japanese underground scene of the term: "overhang party"?)

image making under work initial result

I found a bit of wood, as in a piece of wood, shattered at two ends, and some nails were embedded, though somewhat prised out, as though someone had tried to removed them, then got fed up, I don't know, I can't recall the location of the piece of wood, I put it in my plastic bag. Now I've twice wrapped paper with things already drawn on them, and jammed it, the wood, with the paper wrapped, (I have used blu-tak, and little elastic bands, and jammed it, I was saying into the veranda metal I don't know what to call it, a frame work that maybe holds the veranda together, and it is supposed to be rainy season, that is a season like when it rains a lot, an awful lot, but in the last three years, in tokyo at least, it has been always an un-arrived rainy season, there may be a drizzle, and so the results I am hoping for, they haven't come yet, they will come with the rains, sunday they are saying now on the televised weather forecasts, &c, but for now I attach the first petty result, eventually I am thinking, 3d drawings of such assembled hanging from the ceiling . . . let us see

image of my wife's workplace's "idol" (previously mentioned __here__) little sticky-note (a post-it note) whereon I note the date of each attempt, thankyou

coded "mento" gone-friend CALL

my "call" "out" to friend of long ago who longer no longer exists in terms of communication, though I've no reason to believe he doesn't yet still persist on mortal coil, good for you if so etc, and not necessarily bad if not, these things happen, it is called "death" so I've heard, it means ceasing to be. Imagine that. Then how come I am now then? I ask from time to time.

My "call" "out" is in coded form, in image below. my friend coded , and in terms of simple language, I am to now use from now on the code "mento" when speaking about a certain aspect of health, you may see examples of this from now on. Don't worry if you don't understand such coding. It is better that way.

I only understood the code myself, just within the last year, could I have been so stupid. I am now upgraded, but not upgradeable as I have stopped all such, for example, on my computer, I shan't allow any automatic or otherwise upgrades, because my computer is "withered technology" and it may wither more and then I'll be in trouble.

I am backing things up of course.

feel free to dare make your self known, in comments or personal emails

otherwise please excuse me, and at least via this post the code "mento" is hereby fully primed ready for use. Engage, make it so, &c . . .


that is a quote from a the fall song
all is naturally under dispute
"SKY calendar BAR HOME"
! !
see how tricky this all is


dear EVLYN, I'm writing some notes orSMTHNG~^SFnal

there's an apt SPICER line but it avoids me as of now
who will fight me SMTHNG SMTHNG
the holy Grail
quote: those who have problems too
I am in a park
the faint call of
.. ............