promised extract from "CULTURE" by daniel davidson

pg 57

Think of this: to withdraw from the world would not beg in or begin /
no track would be kept no opening into the doors would close there /
are no doors the light-absorbing view encloses.

"/" to preserve line breaks if read on your fancy shit.

Considering suicide I suppose. Eventually did of course, and why not?

The R Silliman review of this book was overly-harsh partly because I don't think he (RS) understands suffering enough, it's not his fault.

The 2nd volume is pdf downloadable only because of formatting issues though oh maybe I said this already previous post?

Otherwise ask away.

I can quote from all sorts, naturally.

immigrant reading

the only book to take with ya when going the imposing immigration building aoart from all the forms etc you require is I have decided "CULTURE" by daniel davidson . . . there is a 2nd volume but was considered (the format) unprintnable at the time -- New Genre probably could have mnaged it, they did "blink is Luv" after all.

Anyway, a particular passage I will photograph, then I ready myself for immigration speculatation &c.

I think this passage is concerning suicide. R.Silliman gave this book an unfair review in my opinion. Because the poet killed himself. He had an incurable worsening heart condition, suicide seems reasonable. Perhaps R.Silliman is a secret jehova witness or sumthng.

it's upside yes, turn your heads or something, use them your heads. It was inspiration (the syntax maybe) on the novella in new genre#6, though no-one need know nor understand this.


j-poppal authority 005 -- nightnight hologram! "tab song"

beautifully filmed in black and white, here is oyasumi hologram, they are becoming famous soon I think, the fans have started saying oyahora / / I want them to become famous but at the same time that means they won't be in this atmospheric crowd-proximity with the attitude, look at the middle finger the long haired girl gives to the audience near the start! and the audience-fan rhythmic yelling nr the end after that merzbow-like accumulation and it is like everyone is reaching for a ceiling higher than any actual ceiling

/ plus then the sudden break into laughter and light-heartedness of it all &c

I better go to a performance before it's too late . . . (previous discussion(?) I self-discussed I suppose -- here j-poppal-authority-003

penis-bridge (not shown here)

recently I was re-twitterring my wife's good tumblr but now realise no-one looks at my twitter I think (everyone is all "followed-full-up") but maybe here someone will see, http://miotropolis.tumblr.com/post/129148333799 the way the general way includes a bridge, on way to "mento heathcliffe &c" (the bridge can be circumvented, this depends (whether or not you wish to circumvent) which we already talked about, and don't the bridge adornments resemble the penis? a long row of penises shadow in sunlight. I would have thought whoever designed this would have noticed or is it just me? Am I seeing penises everywhere? Answer: no.

please enjoy my wife's tumblr. There is also accumulated shopping list that is cordate, I learned (on twitter, thankyou for once, twitter) means heart-shaped. Useful for the 80flwrs project, believe you me.

an image of alcohol surface I put on twitter no-one enjoyed, they found it wanting, I put here:

j-poppal authority extra edition attendant to edition #004

if you liked this, http://malale.blogspot.jp/2015/06/j-popal-authority-004.html you may like this, the first song is good, the 2nd marie antoniette, then she speaks maybe too much. it is no-one's birthday that day of the live, but was someone's two days before, and two days from that date (of the live), so the live occurs in between directly two people's birthdays like a vortex monolith of sorts, strange attractor ... I thought .. talk till 15 minute point, the further musics I know the names not of です・

Also me like general enthusiasm plus the writing of the marie antoniette thing and the mis-timing of audience fan enthusisasm etc. I am enthusasistic re; the fan spiit &c..

conversation post X I become true witch watch out

I have a medicinal tower three days of the medicine it is supposed to contain. It fits together like a combanation transformer toy; from tomorrow I may take the contents piece-by-piece because tomorrow = thursday then friday then saturday which = mento heathclife I dread it, sometimes I don't think I can make it, sometimes I make ot (ugh,sounds like bonjovi "lyrics") sometimes I can't make it: (quick head to blanket dosed heavily it's only solace)

the mento heathcliffe doesn't make things better. Makes things worse? Not quite. But there's a wavering line I'm in, or is me. In me? This is no time for lyrical poetry. Battles are mainly quiet(?) or used to be.

One more medicinal tower may be good. Three more days.

I will make it but hardly and then next appointment, interim between. The same.

I cannot do very well right now. That's what I know for certain.

No image, this post. Be lost, all of you. I enact curse, yes. I'll be witch, that's how to cope.

MAW in process-transit

I haven't blogged so much recently it seems. So fuck what.

Here is a MAW on the wall. Then I thought it required more process, so wrapped it up and put on veranda to be rained on. Let's see what happens.

Later I will blog about oyasumi hologram, how they are they best of the chika idol groups and something is maybe happening etc . . .

MAW on wall once, I call it "ika MAW" it reminds me of a squid

ika-MAW in due proces wrapped around wood block to be rained on.  I added some plantlife extract I found from floor last night I don't remember much.

I am experiencing severe unhappiness or something, I don't have any friends hardly, yet things continue, of course, it's only natural . . .

ME,my TREE, &I

not ME but TREE plus train
I think it's MARUNOUCHI line
though I slouch ready to be corrected

Iin park PRE-saw get

pendle-witch magic as performed by wife-woman plus cicada anecdote bonus

When did this happen.

The holes had opened to where the cicada had long been I don't know what they do down there, but now they try and get up, and wings manifest eventually(quickly), and they fly and make lovely noise, I like when they enter my habitat though I worry it reduces their potential to reproduce which I think is the whole point or something. Some idiots moan about the noise. As I say, idiots. Some idiots always, moaning about almost everything. The pendle-magic shall hereby towards aforementioned idiots act as a very real curse. I shall not reveal here the nature of this curse.

I am also under a curse all last week and weekend and still I suspect now because of cicada anecdote I'll relate shortly.

But first, my wife I have endowed with witch-traits for the act of photo and prior to the photo assisting the cicada to the trees where surely they intend to go but this particularly park zone had decided to place its trees in some sort of black surround, I don't know the material, but seems a barrier to the as yet un-winged things (cicada = semi in japanese as in semi-conductor but let's keep it in english) ( strange word cicada, later look it up)

(recently the "talent" (who is quite good because self-admitted otaku etc) said she is enjoying covering herself with dead semi oops I mean cicada because reasons as they say in america and she had dyed her black or regained her natural and it looked good and she wanted to marry someone "who is scarred" and I qualify except I am already well-married, so . . . )

the stick, the stick, used to assist the cicacada gently to gain a tree, otherwise they may get squashed was the thinking, but I know you are not supposed to interfere, but it is the anthropscene, so's too late, ha! we're already dead, I hope the cicada prevail, and cats, too, but don't eat too many cicada, munch on the dead ones, it is inevitable.

Bonus cicada anecdote, I have decided not to tell. Know only that the interference with the natural order of things, as re: cicadas, may have begun a curse of its own that turned on me for the last week and weekend but is now receding or passing on to someone else, I wish you luck . . .

belated ceased being recongition iwata-先生-さん

my wife woman who is working hard and there are sometimes presentations in the morning at her work by other workers about things, (it may be mandatory) and that morning presentation, one worker man made presentation in honour of nintendo person Iwata and his passing, of bile duct cancer, and my wife woman said she was moved during the presentation, and while she told me of the presentation, I too was moved, I had been moved already, this was just extra movement, it was passed on, I am still sad now, well who isn't?

then I found a wife woman ancient paintbrush image she had made in tribute of mario &c, and with her permission I post it in tribute of, well everyone now, belatedly, I'm sorry to note. OK.

"something of a beauty then that is not quite"

on "my twitter" I linked to this here: http://fortlaufen.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/nearby-is-country-they-call-life-you.html saying meagrely how beautiful etc and it will make you cry etc so that is called a "recommendation" isn't it, but realised only 5 people so far see as far as I know I don't know how it works my twitter so therefore blog the link whereby hopefully it may gain more notice though it seems wrong an inversion of the current cultural online culture&climate.


Did anyway.

it is one of the blogs I mention I maintain a reading of, as I mentioned __here__ . I am sort of following-up, see?

maybe an image, they like them , of what? a cat seems inappropriate. Something of a beauty then that is not quite. Look up, I quote myself in the blog title. This seems unseemly. It is the image I mentioned.

And as always, sorry.