conversation post late nov 2015 (late nov, late hrs)

tomorrow, I think I shall wake up and drink wine. It it perishingly cold, or will be. My grandparents would think so. I am going to drink wine and finish the 5th little book/novella. I shall sit here approx. where I am now and do that.  No-one probably will read the novella. Very few people have read the 1st, 2nd, nor 3rd, all published. I decide this does not matter.

When I have finished the 5th (where is the 4th, you may wonder? it is in the garage) I will probably go to sleep.

I may play a punishingly hard video game.

I shalln't think of dinner.

that will be beyond me by then if all above goes right.

Then the 6th, &c, and on the blog here, maybe, something or other. Otherwise, I'm not sure.

I go mento &c on saturday.

the perishing cold will lift a while, they say, on TV, then descend, it is called winter.

I don't yet believe in 2016.

When it happens, then OK.

To sleep is a wonderful thing.

current circumstance

pas MAL

.AND arise PostDAEAMONS of the current

A possibility of
it shines
I wish no comfort

current athwart circumvent AH!

my twitter is going asleep.

I don't know how to make it sleep, I just leave it alone a while. Unmolested.

It doesn't seem to matter.

I had dreams I remember now.

A cat with tongue peeping out. That was on twitter too, in actual fact. Remember my dead-cat, its tongue often peeping out. An endearing trait.

And (in the dream) many mantises all along the window, on the outside, or a window-thresh, whatever's it called, making love,threshing, in fact. Became less mantis-like, more hybrid-legged, and entwining with window-thresh, then still in the partnering (they were monogamous, sorry).

and that's it.

The End.

"integral tower", as mentioned on the twitter some time ago/

Destiny-Lock -- initial explanation

I had intended an I am a Hero "homework" series of posts before the release of 17th volume, but I have failed. At least let me explain "Destiny-Lock" and why this is important etc and in relation to the manga-comic I am a Hero :


over 16 yrs ago, when I was 19(?) or so, around-abouts that at least, ensconsced in a troubling boy's only japanese dormitory (秀(?)麗寮) (I went ill-mad there, I am sorry to my past self) but mangas(not quite proper plural of manga but don't worry) were passed around and the sole one I remember, after all the time, turns out to be a short by the manga author of "I am a Hero", which along with "the Five Star Stories" I am mainly interested in, as manga goes.

And I didn't know this until it was announced a collection of early short work would be announced, in one of the volumes, maybe around volume 8, I'll check,and I thought "what if?" what if it turns out ... but that would be too much of a coincidence, I thought . . .

so came to be a "Destiny-Lock"

does this make sense? It better make some sense.

It means the only story I remember from that time is by the author of the almost-only manga series that I care about and am reading as it is released.

Hence call it "Destiny-Lock"

This is as prelude to "I am a Hero" homework-studies series, wherein I shall do just as that title implies.

Though it will start from around current events in the manga, and then go backwards.

There will be digressions.

Images will be either photos from actual manga or on-line illegal-I-know scanlations depending on desire for quality etc.

Take care with spoilers please. I assume no responsibility beyond announcing what chapter(s) are to be discussed, in title of blog post.

last two pages from said story; title being: 「退屈な月」 released 1999,週刊ヤングサンデー第7号

wierd prior

wierdly day prior to visit to mento heathcliffe cycliclalsinkneeshschisms switched on tv an anime depicting precise spot I meet wife-woman after her french lesson to head to mento heathcliffe cycliclalsinkneeshschisms -- took photo -- there is a statue depicting . . . something, a male female couple in a dance the female has apple in hand behind back, so: adam and eve?

anyway, that's where I'll be before embarking on journey across penis bridge etc, wow.

weird, I sit right where they sit, or the other bench.




my wife took better photo
on the way home,
and it is "anpanman" アンパンマン I missed the ん from
パン which is french for bread/,

agglott of all sfnal thoughts or so I thought previously as have transpired on this blog -- link round-up 2015 be there not crushed by circumstance now

I have a five pg in 3 parts thing on my idea of the SFnal which doesn't exist as a thing yet but will when I write it and I am anyway and but for now I have here gathered probably not all, some, of stuff tentatively most-tentatively probably related to the idea, of the SFnal, so thusly, follows:

1/ http://malale.blogspot.jp/2012/04/frail-achievement-4.html -- doesn't actually relate to anything SFnal far as I can tell, EDIT://no, this is all wrongthough look if you care the latter point, is it, wherein I describe a promising "app" idea to allow readers to enjoy novellas better, in this our current (SFnal) era (an era most suitable for novellas)this must refer to some other post. I'll find it and link here as supllementary:::: here it is! all my app ideas(I've had more since)http://malale.blogspot.jp/2014/04/electroniconnecticall-messages.html

2/ http://malale.blogspot.jp/2013/12/note-elderly-note-note.html -- this is not quite relevant but for later mention of schizophrenia and SFnal being tightly related, and the final quote is marvelous I have always thought (sourced from a conspiracy forum(one of the "better" ones) I lurk)

3/ http://malale.blogspot.jp/2013/09/rd-on-being-born-consequences-and-c21st.html -- this is Robert Duncan it is beautiful it probably has nothing to do with 21stC SFnal texts unless you squint however (I, squint!)

4/ http://malale.blogspot.jp/2013/09/abuse-route-parlaey-e-or-root-preview.html -- footage of Robert Duncan and others, again not really relevant yet: if it's a mission, it comes forward with what it got to do -- and I say, yeah!

5/ http://malale.blogspot.jp/2013/09/lns-guide-to-composing-c21st-sfnal-texts.html -- this is relevant, you can figure out the initials by now, it is a perfect description of what I envisage as SFnal for our withering century.

6/ http://malale.blogspot.jp/2012/02/in-middle-do-this.html -- this is about Optical Tai Phone etc from the Five Star Stories which is ultimate SFnal work and incomprehensible and that is what you can do in the middle of a SFnal text novella and so on and such forth.

7/ http://malale.blogspot.jp/2011/02/end-like-this.html -- this is supposed to be the end scene of "grey:digital target" where they surviving characters confront the dominator of the world and a million enemies arise on the horizon and so forth but is deleted but the full film should be available if you search. But anyway, end like this, follow through to the doom-grace of SFnal, is what I intend to mean to mean.

and, finally, start like this: the opening to "the tripods", spectacular and scary music:


In fact will soon REBLOOM like unidentifiable flowers



Mr Beckett first(?) mentions white, and, "schimmel"

I found in Beckett's "from an abandonded work"(1956) what may be his first declaration re: his propensity for white, which we shall see later in works like ping, lessness etc

plus, I received confirmation of meaning of schimmel from an actual german person. Interestingly, the origin derives from the word for "mould" as in the whiteish stuff grows on decaying things,

and I was reminded at the same time halllejuhah of a j-pop video that seemed to express the same thing - she paints the world white. It is not the full video, in case you don't like it. It is the voice actress of Madoka from you know . . . .

so first the quote]

next the video: