something on Rachel Blau DuPlessis

-- / that I don't recall writing, I found it this afternoon. I found several strange notes this afternoon. Because I have forgot how to sleep once more.

In any case, I am re-re-re-reading Drafts, currently the volume 39-47&c /// I have the first volume but is in a differing country from the one I'm in. And I don't have final volume or some interim. Yet.


the note goes:

of the what

RBDuP asks,

the what she asks,

I double back to

re-ask(rescue) not

meaning but the

continuous question -----

not sure if I wrote this or it is a quote from something.

It makes sense to me. More so recently than other things.

Excuse me.

bye bye 少女閣下のインターナショナル

-- collated material. the Go Seigen white and black fuseki books illustrate the black&white costume(with intermittent grey) of the group, their ending I here lament --

bye bye shoujyo international . . .

"beauty is so rare a thing . . . " Spicer paraphrases(?) Pound "So few drink at its fountain . . ."

In just two years or something the marginal-idol unit shoujyo kakka no international released a "one coin"(500en) single, a 4-track EP, a "first & last single" (so what was the previous one?) and a full 15-track (though tracks 1+15 are sort of short) album, then a last "one-man" live, (a friday ago) (one-man=no support act, I used to think meant just one person from a band would be appearing. . . and there is no "one-woman" . . . my advice, don't worry about these things, live & learn.

少女閣下のインターナショナル = well, the email of management said "his excellencies international young girls`&c" I think but I tend to prefer to think of "her majesties", and maybe I prefer to think of "setsuko hara" the reclusive once film star of Ozu films, and them being ghost emissaries of her spirit. This fits the filmic content/imagery of the music, that references Plan 9 from Outer Space/ Hitchcock / &, erm, Kevin Bacon (?), and kaiju films also.... essentially a chaotic paradigm, the music would involve maverick transitions, people talking over people singing, sudden outbursts, "that cover" (smell like teen . . . ) walking into walls repeatedly, maybe a reference to that old silent japanese film "pages of madness", asylum-like clothing co-ordination, all combined by some miraculous oversee-ing structure that parodied a shambles. To reference two other marginal-idol units, somewhere between BELLRING and escalator or elevator.

I don't want to see their like again, I want to see THEM again (another filmic reference, in fact) (film about giant ants)

少女閣下のインターナショナル was so rare a thing, approx 300 people drank at their fountain at their last live. (or drank cocktails named after songs, each drink accompanied by a poloroid (chaki)(what is origin of this word?)(it is name of the camera, a mini-dinky-little thing, the photo is taken with)

I am quite moved and don't know what to do with myself for a while now.






where I




( -_・)?
( -_・
( -_




NEW TREE re-NEWed / re-configured

//wife-woman made this so could become postcard, to send to who-I-don't-know//
EDIT*(I worded this utterly wrongly, I mean I made the damned tree image, with ink etc, and she made it post-cardable using special software on her mysterious modern phone)*

The bit upper-left corner is a plant of some sort, a real plant I mean. A flower I mean. I should attempt to identify it.

Seems rude not to.

You should see all the things I have picked up since then (time of picking up that flower) and now.

wife-woman oddly tolerant of this behaviour. Thank you.

(actually my friend became newly wed around this time so I like to thing of this as NEW TREE NEWLY-WED)

I am become romantic o_o


I been unproductivly productive today
like a dream I may not have dreamed yet


and yet

are you for once happy?
Wouldn't know how to gauge such

enjoy while lasts

OH&my pains have mostly gone
What shall I do without them?



MAW pre-sleep

the sleep part a bit dubious right now -It's 6am
but in any case
A MAW close-up as of now current appearance no reason accompany as per usual
note: make unreasonable become IRREASON


PAGE 300
too sweet to not share


"fumigate" ; further elaborations

Want to while still fresh memorialise thoughts on "fumigate" emanating from twitter,(starting around here? https://twitter.com/LmthwL/status/710472258343428097 ) I can't recall the impetus but that's OK.

fumigate: (often wishfully) broke down = // 'Gate' meaning apocalyptic .. @LmthwL as in the holy writings.. The predictions and the awaiting by its believers? .. .?//

fumigate: for-me-gate (gate-as opening/reproductive connotations) four-gates (a basic town)

(contd) migrate (creeps in)
fume (anger/fire) gat = ghat the burning ghats of benares, I think, the burning of bodies.

further elaborations: benares, often considered the oldest still-populated city in the world(where else?)
Burroughs the exterminator (I haven't read that text tho)
the de-population thru fumigation of undesirables in our "residences"
as the earth(world) is fumigated in our attempts to create civilisation enough for these "residences"
that we fumigate

(also, Burroughs, fumigating(exterminating) my thought "the Lost Ones" (Beckett) is inspired by Kafka "Josephine/the Mouse-Folk"/ the holocaust / + finally leads to the comic "MAUS"

I think that's what I wanted to say. A little further thus. That's the name of a fushitsusha song I had for a while considered for my funeral. But now I don't want a funeral. There should be chutes to send you to a volcano or some magma, or corium.
(Oh, and this is earlier: "Brexit" = Corexit → Corium

Is the song on youtube? Let's look.I can't find it. Shame. It is "funereal" -- fume is and funnel/ chimneys / you see here in tokyo and no doubt elsewhere tall white columns spewing smoke. They are either for recycling(burning) rubbish or near funeral "parlours" and that is dead people.

to end this a while, something musical. then this fushitsusha "just before", I thought,think Japanese title is "ほのすこし前" or something but wife-woman says "no", and I have the cd but not with me. sorry/ it is a melodic rising intro to an album. The next song is ”うまくいったのに" or something like that, but that is a separate blog post I have prepared for some other time.

Hold on, "fumigate" was from some "pre-death couplet" I had dreamed of once, that I was going to use twitter for purely (as receptacle for pre-death couplets) (I thought eventually they could be shuffled. But then I just got lost in twitter-garble. Also, I am not sure I am pre-death enough. I would have to go a doctor to make sure.

recur the days, nights too, recurse: how we go

I am frightened of "twitter" suddenly now a bit, so retire to this blog to wile away awhile.

"I'm too shy to say 'I'm'!" ← (from WIP--problematic "quotes" etc, but maybe can be considered part of the point. Are you part of the point or part of the problem? someone may ask. Whatever could you say in response? :_・

It keeps being supposed to rain (the silliness of "it" rains)(anyway. . .) but it never does.

I figured out a way to translate Emily Dickinson so will do one or two of them soon.

I translated someone's extract and am still waiting for the mother-in-law to write it beautifully. She is nervous to do so, or something. She lacks confidence. Everyone seems to lack confidence, probably even tony hawk the skateboarder who was the first to do a seven-hundred-&-something degree thingy is a lamentable wreck. Maybe everyone is like the late michael jackson and suffers so much they need to be regularly anesthetised.

I well recall my happenstance mispelling of "calmative" as "calamative" -- seems appropriate somehow.

What is twitter for? It will be good in the next major earthquake. Good as in: useful. It is nice to get a heart from someone I suppose. It would be better if there was some sort of storage of favourite tweets etc. An internal bookmark system to save tweets. Possibly two columns to check the past. Otherwise everything zooms and is lost. Perhaps that is the point, twitter is a receptacle system for us to place our last thoughts significant and otherwise as we zoom to our end-point.

Things to read in the meantime: Jalal Toufic Forthcoming available as a pdf but the link was lost in the twitter-zoom, I can send you a copy.
Lyotard, probably.
Tim Morton and other OOOs, and related, "speculative realists"
DF Lewis
Quentin S Crisp's Japanese-set "I novel" work i.e., Sadogashima which I read, well a while ago now. I wanted to say something about it. For now, let it be known I would like Q S C to write a travel guide-type thing to Japan, and I would be reluctant to go to all the places he writes of, though fascinated to do so anyway. I don't travel well in anycase. (I wouldn't mind going to Sadogashima, I think there is an outdoor Noh theatre...
many many others.

There are other things, like things to see, listen (sometimes seeing and listening happens at the same time, I think it is called "cinema&c, tele-visuals&c"

What else is there? Temperature, a variable. Light, the same. The damned weather.

There are clothes, bodies, dishes, to wash.

Provisions: whiksey, beer &c, the special elven food the "fellowship" are given. Morning gooey food.

I am not very hungry.

I may make a list of "cute" things in a later blogpost.

And I found the source of my "sister-complex". A later blogpost. And the Robin Blaser &c. Let it arrive in its proper time.

Let it be of its proper duration, in its proper place.

For now no visuals, I shall run to twitter and post a link to this and then run away from both here and there.

There was a "tranche" of tumbling my wife-woman did, here, for the sake of visuals → http://miotropolis.tumblr.com/

・ ・ ・ ・ (enough  :_・


a play with light
it is possible.