the necessary la chute final The fall post ~post-The Fall / maybe part 1 of ?

I don't want to write this.

I first heard the fall when encouraged by bohemian girls in sixth form college (that is not a band name but maybe should be) -- I randomly picked, or picked the cheapest, from L'pool HMV "shift work" -- it didn't "work" for me at that point, now it is marvelous of course ("I thought shift-work would work/ &c") (all this subtle humour now to ruminate on forever until I die) (and the humour has become more evident, somehow, post this event)

Maybe I should not say anything. (I was looking for noise and free jazz, japanese psych/noise. the dead.c &c)(& was biased against "electronics" - tut-tut I tell myself now -- this was ridiculous years ago, I am not going to figure out the maths right now, 20+ years?)

Then I got "seminal live" and "the infotainment scam" (see all the wonderful album titles!) (plethora)

But it wasn't until someone gave me a mix-tape that I took with me as an exchange student to japan (thankyou Phil. W) has bits of slates/ part of america therein/ then perverted by language/ and my friend B W also got it, then, or had got it before, and we seemed together to reach further understandings: "I live with cancer death-wipe" / or something / The Fall lyrics/ The Fall -Words- always seem to be certainly this "or something" approximating.

so maybe MES was more an actual "writer" that is what I may have come to understand more clearly over this past week. A writer ensconced in song. William Blake et al //

The lyrics have taken over the household/married life (wife is sensible enough to know The Fall are ace! "all here is ace!" &c) Whenever the word "music" pops up, is immediately followed by "cassettes" . . .

I shalln't write much more. Favourite song. album/ that is all in the shifting cloud / / /

I wanted to say how wonderful at times it felt knowing you were a The Fall fan. One gig, I was so excited, I smuggled red wine into the "magnet" (now maybe gone, I don't know, this was long ago-ish) and we accumulated and drank surreptitiously, then the liverpool student union I think it was. I vomited everywhere, and this vomit, is noted, in the unofficial fall fan gigography page, I am stupidly proud to note. I managed to recover before the gruppe stared (unnuterable-era) and a lovely older fall fan took me and now-wife to front-stage and we reveled there -- this was pure kindness emanating somehow, rare to experience.

And the doorman/bouncer was so kind to me, I apologised very sincerely (about the vomit, keep up dear reader), he was the nicest doorman/bouncer I have ever encountered (usually they grab you by the throat)

I just wanted to write this "in time" "time gentle-folk please" "will you be finishing your drinks now please" / post-Last Orders

I am very far away but the hurt is bodily, mentally, also revelatory. Some sort of weird half-fun. I wanted to write this while those feelings were still current. Thank you, and good night.


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