What Shall Be (here)

I'm still daunted by MES death but have many draft thing, daft things, awaiting their posting here.

for example:

continuation of exploration into the cute factor and girl sub culture curently reigning en japon.what is cute, &c, it is about protection./ post trauma ・・・


11th March 2011, 2:46pm

& such

and something about at least one video game

and finnegans wake for sure

and tentenko album (CONDUCT OF...)

and fushitsusha explorations quite overdone maybe

and some Five Star Stories notes, mainly for myself, because I am lost.

Mainly now the nonsense has shifted to twitter --: https://twitter.com/LmthwL

I try reserve what is not nonsense, or just about not-nonsense for here.

I am slow though.

It does not matter (malone dies, early on)


I'll just state all this now so know the blog, maybe withers, though shall not die. As long as I shalln't. Or it mainly in fact depends on computer, hardware, format, whatever.THAT life-span is less than mine, unless I die right now. Maybe if I hold my breath.

See you on other side, the continuation, slouch in its self-awareness of its pointlessness.


you know, laters::: : ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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