un-ring bell colour / unconsidered preface to translation-thoughts to come (soon~ish)

/・ ・ ・ ・ 

Finnegans Wake pg 566

" . . . and for wouldbe joybells to ring sadly ringless hands." . . .

I think I wrote in 4th novella (as yet, highly unavailable!) something like "un-rung bell colour"

then this shows up in the above-mentioned //

& I have been making an "effort" to integrate hints of marginal-idol units into my novellas (as well as of late, or maybe since long ago, I can't remember: The Fall lyrics)

for example, novella number 5 has "perfect area all complete" which is halfly from a song by an actual idol,not a marginal idol unit. Do I contradict myself? Yes, &c //

was reminded of video games in the above near idol song quote/borrowing. "no-miss clear" / in my earlier years I used to think "no-miss" meant you did not miss killing enemy, but it means you avoided yourself being killed, by enemy . it is mostly impossible to kill all enemies.

Anyway, can someone with synethesia chime (!oops) in and say what an un-rung bell colour is/ I am thinking: blueish-grey/ similar to some bird's egg (heron?) though not speckled . . . is synestesia a universal thing, or on an per-individual thing. So is it not mere imagination at unconscious (before deciding to imagine) layer?

Anyway, this is 伝説ライブ (legendary live / legendary concert -- in order for it to be "legendary" I must not have been in attendance")
Early Bellring 少女 Hearts :

bellring now (once briefly renamed "HELLRING" why I don't know) now named There There There's / and currently back to mostly core members minus Tira-san, because she is from Taiwan, I think management didn't realise about visa issues /

They / TTT/BELLRING have many "end-songs"

In fact they could likely now perform a concert entirely comrpised of "end-songs"

I attempt a list: (there are too many options via youtube, simply search if you so wish, Bellring + name of song) (plus any high-quality vast entire live concerts, sometimes 3 hours long, we went to one such 3 hour, it seemed like a flash of nightward speed and happiness)
- Edge of GOODBYE (↑-end of above- ↑)
- Candy(?)
- Rainy Dance/ Starlight Sorrow (?)
- the legend-in-itself ASTHMA
- (nowish) PELICAN (my current favourite)

in fact they started a concert with what was at the time the current "end-song", ASTHMA. Shock!

- are they becoming a life-work? Also, what genre is the music, really? I say unique HEART of BELLRING / rung in the rain perhaps, or a crow alighting on it, or un-rung and that colour is the genre.

this as unconnected preface,impregnable pointless preface to what is to be/ is written, regarding translation / layer / viral translation layer / strata &c's

---- (this is strata-style, everything has taken on strata-style, I did not mean to...)


  1. what this has to do w/ translation, first, the "sound form" of namechange remains same "-eru" sound, (they don't change anything else,same songs, charred crow sailor uniform &c)

    plus think of "rein" "LAIN" the kanji  零\

    also "there there" as term of consolation, pat on head, &c. What is a poem translation but a consolation of that poem (that was made, forced somehow into utterance) into language anew (other language) (there to here) and the unconsoled, ultimately, always / "bringing across" / for what, for who? -- these questions are unresolveable.

  2. oh, and the ”変な動き” from first concert, as it relates to 3/11, everything was feeling "odd movement" / mal disembarkment syndrome,/ trust me /

    that is other strand, tho, of my as-yet undone marginal-idol unit discourse thing.

    But that, let it be known, girls/women have won Tokyo. I celebrate this.

  3. wrong kanji, try this one 凛 or 鈴 or no, that one, 鈴 (small bell, chime)

    how to say "unrung" without mentioning silence &c/ 不鈴?不鈴色

    funny because 不倫 means infidelity / //naughty/ 無言 。 maybe 無 is better than 不\\\

    we have not reached a conclusion. excuse me.

  4. I think all the time about my Pale Bell which is sometimes the moon as it can be seen during the day not when the sky is deep do-anything blue but when it is pale flat Midwestern blue full of moisture. But it didn't start as the moon, it started as the metallic feeling underneath my sternum. Which is long. Then later it looked a lot like very deep jump into the Atlantic at night blue, laid right next the honeycolor gold yellow from ends of days and memories. Sometimes mostly in Winter I guess it is black and white laid next to each other.

    If my Pale Bell was unrung it would be gray.

  5. I think grey is the unrung, with some nuance of blue,or . . . now I am thinking: mauve-grey /

    and when rung simply switch and appears: a little maroon speckled with pink and in the grey whites and in the blue (there was always a blue) pale yellows.

  6. oh and I had thought I had said, or is it elsewhere, this is all so long ago, in the song "pelican" they are not saying "pelican" they are saying, I mean, singing, "Perry can't" (in english) / can't fly, one assumes/ . . .

    bellring/ now "there there theres" lyrics are often impenetrable as to their meaning or if you think - how did someone happen to write these, like words, &c/ /

    this is a good thing.