"The long walk down somebody's half-dream." -- post The Return:Twin Peaks (in short sentences)

-- most eerie televised broadcast of

the inconsolable harm, sexual abuse at home

(& was it ritual abuse magick originally, the great working?)

you cannot go "home" / there is NO place like "home"

& there is no OZ to RETURN to.


the glitched detective, manages to erase the murder

he was initially attempting to solve!

Did things go right or wrong?

I am left feeling haunted, & reading forum posts is freaking me out somehow.


: enigmatic --node-- ...

when a place "(Twin Peaks) becomes a character, perhaps

a topological-detective is required, to come up with some conjecture,

to equate the two "Peaks" and the gulf inbetween,

as in the following film: Moebius (set in Buenos Aries!)


future plan when heart is strong:

watch episodes in out-of-order-order, say 3 six-sided die. I
can roll up a D&D character at the same time!


↓ quoted from a blog-post from very here, April 2015:

"fright--" day-dreamt (I mean I was asleep, the sun was risen) night-terror level with sleep-paralysis accompaniment (level as at nighttime) (usually once sun is risen it is far more bearable):: twin-peaks derived, a missing missing girl/woman, that she was missing all through the tv series etc, that this was missed,, she who by all accounts (there are none) did does not exist
may come to exist
. . . in a healed household // but knowing there shan't be one, it is impossible once the damage is done / once home that is intended as the expansion of the original safe place is rendered unsafe, everything is an outside coming at you, relentless attack //
this is unreasonable as existence goes/


from here-on-in, inescapable murk.

we are all stamped with same nightmare, this epoch . . .

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