illogical-most-likely speculation on language / island language

I was being silly as usual, no, I was reading something, an ezra pound letter, he wrote, as is his wont "langwidge"


I have been thinking about language a lot for some reason . . .

the "lang" must be some romance-language derived thing from tongue, perhaps? Like the etymology of the chinese character for darkness 闇、it is not 音 (sound) in there, that enclosed space 門, but in fact a wildly transformed "tongue", which I can't write as it no longer exists (the character I mean) -- (think of a slightly bulbous elongated thing, with a horizontal line or two, within.

So darkness = a voice in enclosed space. "A voice comes to one in the dark" Company, Mr Beckett.


Anyway, if 国語 (language) -- (国 = nation, country/ enclosure with kingdom, ruler, &c) -- this reminds me of "land" "landuage" -- (I doodled some coinages from this on twitter earlier) (this here is to explain that there) LAND, and how languages develop on this or other land.

And if there a 島語 (island language) ?

Which reminds me of Pound, "...Homer, blind . . . but with an ear for the sea-surge . . ." (from an early((?)) Canto)

So does language of an island nation evolve differently, from listening to the sea-surge, say, that surrounds, the seashore, the sea that is in early days impassible, encircling, an isolating "zone"? -later to become start of trade-routes and languages mix/trade.

Is there something constant in the grammar of Island languages, a trace of which can be found? I wonder. I am not a linguist. So do not know.


End of pointless speculation for now, it was merely a short train of thought . . .
(nice now and then to embark on such)


what about the languages of countries "hemmed in"?




That will do for now.

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