I went to Harajuku, it was very slippy . . . + 1st hypothesis towards cute-theory explanation step#1 more to follow

I want to fill in an: un-sibling reversal-Application-Form, so I can have a sister ← this sentence only here because part of sentence is from 5th novella WIP and there was a temporary saving problem so I put it here / / / please ignore / / / ________________________

In Harajuku (nice station building by the way) are crepes and schoolgirls. I think the crepes are mainly only sweet crepes. I have had only a savoury crepe en france.

Why did I go to Harajuku. To enter a room that was a dream, a room I wanted to sit in for several hours if not dwell in, in order to absorb all the room contained. This room → http://ameblo.jp/strawberryand/image-12283787988-13960852895.html

By the way, is there some way of becoming a girl, like by filling in an application form?
___ No there is not ___ / / / ignore this too why not / / /

Harajuku has slippy floors/surfaces everywhere, I don't know, probably because it was raining or maybe just the surfaces have become naturally slippy after years of crepes and schoolgirls (this is almost pre-bubble culture I think) -- I am surprised there is even any ground left to stand/slip/stride on. . . / stumble /

There is a The Fall song of recent years called "Slippy Floor"

Assume Harajuku is not always slippy. That is an assumption, but one I am willing to, um, assert.

Anyway, the dream room. A real room. The room is still likely present, but what made it a dream has likely been packed away. It was an exhibition. I showed it you above ↑ follow the link?

Now to explain somehow coherently my theory of what seems to be an all-girl culture encompassing art, music, fashion &c.

March 11th 2011 was moment of instigation, I think. That is my theory. I have to now explain why.

explanation step 1 (occurs unconsciously):

after trauma, a drive to preserve what is cute, that eases trauma, and is memorial-like for those who died/ vanished (particularly the cute ones) -- NO, it is not that simple -- to preserve the particularly cute means to protect what is vulnerable, un-traumatised. This is most evident in cute things, therefore / / / consider "macho-ism" -- this is typically a male way to act, unconsciously knowing their vulnerable nature (all is soft) and attempting to disguise this in various "macho" ways.
- - - better to accept cuteness - - -

are you following me so far? Y/N __ (fill in in imagination, that is, we presume, in your head, somewhere)(tick or something, or cross out the negative. I won't know anyhow)

macho: the deliberate swagger walk. It may be required on deck at ships at rough seas. Otherways, no, a defense mechanism. Such a visual defense mechanism shows a recognition in the swaggerer of their vulnerabilities. Softness.

We are always soft things at the cusp of non-existence, why pretend otherwise?


I will proceed to step two slowly in another blogpost, the floor is slippy etc./ I will include music videos and EVIDENCE to make my point. It will be an inarguable point.


proceed, now, as you were. As for me, I desperately need to urinate.

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