current twin peaks theory as of 24th the 6th month 2017

1/ BOB has fore-knowledge of BadCoop leaving Lodge, since at least Annie appeared to Laura (or sometime within those last 7 Days) -- but Lodge-Time may allow absolute knowledge of all events concerning Lodge from moment of first entry -- Leland-as-a-boy "possession"(I would rather call it "Occuptaion" or "Co-option" -- (Mulholland Drive -- how many riders does a buggy have?) -- a "Vehicle" -- If Leland-as-BOB read the diary pages. Assume he/it did otherwise why rip out.

2/ BOB's long-term plan: knowing his vessel will be an FBI agent, lures him to Twin Peaks, ultimately, the Black Lodge. Exits Lodge. An arrangement is made to deal with the 25yr clause -- (is this a BadCoop-yet-still-Coop long-term plan?) --

3(?)/ time-perturbations were present from nr beginning of original series (the red room dream) and before (FWWM), Laura and Coop shared a dream, hence it is possible, from perspective of lodge-time, Laura gained this fore-knowledge and gained agency over BOB, hence not becoming his vehicle (her death) is only the beginning of her victory, over BOB. Then Coop will be an agent in a sense of Laura's. And Annie may have been manufactured as a lure for Coop, but Laura had the first move.

We are seeing a game at the start of its decisive end-positions.

From a meta-way, BOB was "manufactured" in the filming process of the pilot (mistake sound -- I think -- operator -- or set dresser?) -- Last night I dreamt I was in that room, and looked terrified into that mirror. Which is now haunted.

Maybe it will all end with the mirror. Recognise the accident that moved the series along.

The black box monitored room is to "see" another "accident" and give it form, or complete what started with the "accident". A reset.

Tune in some other time when all my theories will have been annihilated, I will have something else by then.


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