j-poppal authority extra edition attendant to edition #004

if you liked this, http://malale.blogspot.jp/2015/06/j-popal-authority-004.html you may like this, the first song is good, the 2nd marie antoniette, then she speaks maybe too much. it is no-one's birthday that day of the live, but was someone's two days before, and two days from that date (of the live), so the live occurs in between directly two people's birthdays like a vortex monolith of sorts, strange attractor ... I thought .. talk till 15 minute point, the further musics I know the names not of です・

Also me like general enthusiasm plus the writing of the marie antoniette thing and the mis-timing of audience fan enthusisasm etc. I am enthusasistic re; the fan spiit &c..

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