I hurt my leg and scrap wrote while seated at table one short while

piteous ardent surroundings
could be a garden but lurks
among its "attendees"
//not to offer service//
offers as on super-offer
great deal of harms
dealt mainly to
onseself -- "attendee"

-- "while seated at table" I mean on the floor. There are no chairs in this house. Maybe with one chair, I could reduce my leg injuries by half --

Offer, matthew, for the blog-reader, for their suffering something, half an image of something, at the very least. What though.

An 80s british shopping centre interior, that's what. purloined long ago from blog "found objects"

Now I go the bathroom to urinate. These matters have to be considered in advance (consider my bad leg). I figured ways to step into the bathroom with minimal pain extra. For example, use walls to lean your back on. That is one strategy I have unearthed. It's a minimal trial I suppose, though things learnt now may help in the future. I think that's usually the case?

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