I note the existence of "New Genre#7", &c, using decrepated(sic)=deprecated(?) html

(funny ha-ha story, when I had novella accepted for new genre#6, for some reason I thought new genre#6 was out already, so I thought it was new genre#7 I was going to be in, so when I submissively submitted other things to other places, on the "cover letter" I noted like "such-and-such" forthcoming in new genre#7, when in fact this was not the case. So I was committing fraud, or something. Yet now I am in new genre#7 anyways so . . . hmmmm)

what I wrote initially in side-bar(can't be seen by yr modern machineries)upon confirmation of acceptance of text WPWS in New Genre #7 as of then forthcoming circa 2012(?) I comment on what wrote I wrote then now hence this "decrepated" table format maybe can't be seen by yr modern machineries
SF novella-ish Work Planet, Welt Space found home in NEW GENRE #7 which is TBA but likely to be in the future rather than the past. According to science, time, or something, or we, move or are moved forward to what is the future, and only very rarely do we end up in the past.

。 。 。
NOW it is indeed the future, and the home, as it were, has been built, and habitable, it is inhabited by my text, the title of which mentioned to your left, and four other texts, by authors, I shall name them, I don't think it's rude to do so(?)(correct me if so with harsh message/comment &c): no, instead I'll link the editor's blogentry in which names are named, feels more appropriate -- "I chicken out at the edges(sic?) of it and something-something, it's not like the something-something = half(no, less than)-remembered J S poem . .
-- a doubt enters /august 2013/ re: eventual publication of this -- !! current work stalls around this limbo -- !!

。 。 。
yes, panic had set in, I was wondering if anything would occur, c.f. this blog entry on this very blog, and maybe at that point I had ceased this blogging etc, though I managed the construction of an 80pg novella, see here --->;, and other things plus am almost done with a sequel to the WPWS currently out in all the most well-regarded of vendors. So it's OK. Things take time is all.

Partly basic premise found echo in this found quote (source lost):

"Lyotard scandalised the bleating socialists of his day by writing of a proletarian jouissance: "the English unemployed did not become workers to survive, they - hang on tight and spit on me -enjoyed the hysterical, masochistic, whatever exhaustion it was of hanging on in the mines, in the factories, in hell, they enjoyed it, enjoyed the mad destruction of their organic body which was indeed imposed upon them, they enjoyed the decomposition of their personal identity, the identity that the peasant tradition had constructed for them, enjoyed the dissolution of their families and villages, and enjoyed the monstrous anonymity of the suburbs and the pubs in the morning and the evening."

。 。 。
I haven't yet read Lyotard's "the Libidinal Economy" but want to for some reason. This quote probably came from some accelerationist or somesuch-related blog from the lost epoch busy-blogging about such matters and all else. This is a class-system being if not "criticised" at least "mentioned" at the very least. I was/am considering WPWS "working class" SFnal fiction) There was a time when all the british sf blogger peoples were lamenting the lack of such ("working class" &c, need I remind you, and I thought, here's my chance, I'll show them, but that was two or more years ago, and now probably they've moved on to many other things, and meanwhile my technology is deprecated (a class divide now in html and &c, and many other &cs) (probably in fact I well-escaped a "critical drubbing"

All that plus you are getting (you will be getting, in time) zukofskyian space battles.

。 。 。
litigious notions were/are still, I dunno, abroad, like the storm witches in the children books comprising "Tim and the Hidden People" Nowadays all poets mentioned on this blog are identified by their initials only. No particular stance is being taken, please don't misunderstand. There is something from R.D. later, for example, and maybe R.B.du.P(?!)
You have a dignified amount of time to ready currencies for purchase.

。 。 。

you certainly did /have time/ I believe the price is what you are willing to pay plus postage to wherever you exist, from where new genre exists which is america, the United States of, not the other bits, Boston, or somewhere like that? Massachusetts// lovely word. hard to spell. Don't ask me though, talk to the editor. I am trying to mend my knee. Bad knees don't get along with capitalism. Well what does? (dead-cat bounce)

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