following thru on crazed endeavour #0.75 or so

in prep for foolish self-imposed endevour = render some L.Z "80 flwrs" to ancient chinese because I bought a wrong dictionary and as my mother and her mother and my mother's sister recently dead said all in unison "waste not want not" to practise I translate some ancient chinese to now english following the rule each character equal to one word, including L.Z ruse of hyphenisations to allow one word, plus one more rule I think I have concocted, a bracketted word, attached to a word i.e., with no space, equals one word. Bracketted words could be hyphenated too. Possibilities are . . . )

two examples follow. I got from google books excerpt. It helps my japanese in any case, if nothing else. (I would say the source and the poets in the comments later because I am tired.)  (I used "courier new" for the english, but "times" for the bracket that "attaches" to become one word, that is the best I could do, for now, I am un-technical, kerning and so-on, I don't know it.  I am sorry. 

tree afresh-seen lotus to (eventual)flower

(un)shut beyond-fragrant-grasses,

without(un)troubled(unshut)(unharried) (a) gate

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  1. it's ok but lotus trees are legendary, see mention in the book of job says wikipedia, okay I will shortly, etc, and probably it is a hibiscus, is that the right one? I know almost nothing. It changes colour through the day? like a very slow traffic light?

    I would do some more and think hard and anyway don't expect perfection from the very beginning. Don't be hard on yourself, mr matthew.