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I have been granted permission to post another image was intended to promote the readercon event etc, so I shall. And then what. There is a recording of the you tube of a "panel" (concerning shld you answer reviews &c -- my opinion, sometimes why not, but maybe without fury &c -- I would like the opportunity, I have scant reviews) I felt it was an interesting panel. One day I want be on a panel but I think I'm in the wrong country and not esteemed enough. Also I lack self-esteem, as in zero/null. Though with some pernod, who knows. and benzodiazapnes (one day, learn to spell this word)

first, post the image (also, write shorter sentences, people lack inclination for you know ... reading altogether, almost)(!)

credit: A. Golaski

nice blue usage / I heard recently "depression" affects colour perception? I don't suffer from "depression" however, just maybe generalised melancholia, worry, financial un-ness &c / yet anyways, allow it to become a laughing matter.

I like to see a good use of colour but a colour-lack is always finely acceptable.

See i.e., Jay DeFeo, Matsutani, to speak of one dead, and one live, still I hope, artist. One's of whose work only, I have seen in the real life where colours propogate to the fullest extent of the laws of physics, &c.

I made a shopping list:
1/ charcoal
2/ granite
3/ stone ? (question mark as on list)
4/ ink - - (dashes as on list)
5/ sticks (probably doesn't require actual shopping)

-- ah, now I recall, after this tangent, something more to the point.

I enjoyed watching the panel about responding to reviews, while slowly
cooking some tomatoes.

One thing to note: (this is all related to some discussion on the actual panel) tangent online
changed it's policy of what to review (no semi-pro no more) around "racefail"
end-point, so it seems they locked themselves into a right-wing
attitude. I would have mentioned that, on the panel. It is my dream
among many other dreams, to be one day on a panel at readercon.
Though I can imagine myself getting very abrasive about some point or
other. And the pernod. I am repeating from the very top. It happens here, get used to it. (saying the same thing twice)

But, so, prior to then, I found, they had reviewed some of the earlier New Genre volumes. One, particularly poignant. I make a list if all reviews of previous New Genres with occasionally a comment:

tangent review of N.G.#1, 2000(!)
, by the late Jay Lake. A sympathetic review. Moving for reasons too of course.
2/ another tangent review (before their turning, I suppose) of N.G.#4 (2006)
3/ you must scroll a little down -- review of N.G#4 again
4/ the SF encylopedia online entry that needs to be updated I guess
5/ "Whispers of Wickedness" reviews again N.G#4 -- oh that site is now known as "future fire" I think -- it seems the 4th volume got the most reviews -- I suggest, it was when the online thing was starting with some enthusiasm, and is now in despondency
6/ review on/in "new pages" of volume 6, I'm in there O-o . . .
7/ probably the best review, in that it seemed properly engaged, in its, er, reviewing, Charles Tan, from now defunct(?) blog (it's a shame) "bibliophile stalker" ^^ I think "gamergate" is distracting him from his reviewing, yet we need reviewers like him . . .
8/ bonus interview same site as above with new genre editor man

likely there will be less and less reviews of this sort of thing, like the heat death of the universe.

Bonus copious tears chance: the leader of the panel mentioned all way above, someone I suspect is "third culture" in some manner, as I am, I shan't go into it not yet anyway, her cat of long life and companionship died and I was moved and still am and you may be too if you follow this link __ to Amal El-Mohtar's online zone __

I shall alternate between outright weeping and sniffles for a while now . . .

bonus J-pop by "the Skanty" headed by "yoppy", I don't know what happened to her, but she's, and they, the band, are cool. Consolation offered hereby:

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  1. actually the above Yoppy song, is the title tune to an oldish anime series about a 10yr old girl who has throat cancer, so will die, but has a dream to become a singer, so some spirits give her the power to temporarily transform into a 16yr old, it is utterly upsetting . . .