J-popal authority 004

サッ! today's j-pop may differ from previous as that was mainly idol things wasn't it, marginal idol, yes, mainly the point is they are units of some size, from I think 6 members, to 2 members. Now we have an all by herself musician (I am having a feeling it may once have been a duo) but these are by herself, and the live footage I have seen on the youtube is herself, with laptop she operates herself, like merzbow nowadays or last time I saw him anyway, which was not nowadays, it was many moons ago, in fact.

The other difference is maybe this jpop I have selected is not necessarily "marginal", she may have acquired some success already.


this song is a history lesson of sorts. About Marie Antoniette. I didn't watch the recent film that was maybe popular here. I didn't realise it had spiderman's girlfriend in it. I sort of like her so maybe would have watched it? anyway, also popular here, with girls of a certain generation, or maybe multiple generations, because it keeps getting repeated, like "dragonball" which has been on tv every tuesday evening since I arrived here some 7(?)yrs ago, is "rose of versaille", which is about, yes you know already, it is more historically accurate than "dragonball" I suppose. . .

the main point is the "let them eat cake", in french " Qu'ils mangent de la brioche " and in the japanese here in this song as at 2:39 the kind of twist to the song "お菓子を食べればいいじゃない" which has now become a catchphrase of sorts in this little household . . .

also the feeling that marie antoniette may have been genuinely well-meaning in her statement, not of course knowing much about the world of poverty, she didn't I think reach the age of the buddha for example to start questioning things enough, or did she, they don't teach her in english schools, and I haven't seen the film, and the anime series was shown only in every other european country excepting england, because england wants to be america, and america didn't show all the series that europe showed, though they did something strange with a triad of series to make something called "robotech", but even that wasn't shown in england. I only watched "kimba the white lion" in arabic, just before call-to-prayer interval. Afterwards, the cosby show? different strokes?

Why did they never show "the tripods" anywhere, man, fuckyou.

About the guillotine, it is a bit monsterous, and if I am against killing it is mainly against the killing of girls. But at least in any case don't automate the process. I think from long-ago "research" the first guillotine was and is still, as relic, in england?

the 2nd personage of this musician-singer in this video wears a nice skirt rose-many hued that appears in another video also so it doesn't go to waste, don't let a good skirt goes to waste, but this is not the next video:

she is singing about shibuya at the beginning, but where it's filmed is in kichijouji?? You see when she is in a red dress then spinning then the dress only on a coat hanger? I like that. Do you? Her lyrics are marvellously sort of pop-culture in excess with some sort of, I don't know, recognition of how everything is fucked up? Like right at the start she stands in street looking half-or-just-a-third wasted somewhat? No? With a merriment in any case? I guess that's a good way to go about things? from 2:26 is when the pressure-joy sets in, and it seems a celebration of shibuya, in one sense, and restauraunt discount coupons, in another sense?

This song is less historically-resonant as far as I can tell. It may be a celebration of shibuya? it is a better place than shinjuku, by all means, let it be known.

Who knows. Lots of this fun with the "J-popal authority" is overthinking things and also celebrating cuteness and &c. Do you notice the reference to "Popal authority" by the way? try to keep up.

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