attempt hesitant selfpromotional acts re: "New Genre#7"

here is the mighty New Genre #7 in its full form as if we had eyes to see the front and back of things at the same time, not x-ray vision, that wouldn't work like this, this is splay-vision:

click __here__ to do what I say below, thankyou

I want my wife to make a blend of all the imagery it (the mighty cover of the mighty New Genre #7/ vol.7) reminds me/us of, using her technologies but she is v.busy right now, let's be patient, take things slow, make sure there are enough respite time slots, don't become again dystonic etc. . .

one thing troubles me, that all the tags I put on posts for example "Jpoppal ungainly", which this anyway wouldn't "fall under" don't seem to show on new technology devices like "smart phone", unless you choose "view web version" so a lot of things I have tried to do, to make this blog, for example, cohere, have failed utterly -- also, the "side-bars" (they should be to your right, on "web version view", but there's no guarantee) don't show, on the new technology devices, and so all the information in these side-bars, for example, a little bit re: my self (who am I? that's somewhat answered in said side-bar) plus all my "previous publications", and links pertaining to such, all in the side-bar, all perhaps useless. What shall I do?

In the meantime, if you click the link beneath the image of the new new genre, you should be taken to the page of its creator, and perhaps there is more pertinent and immediate information waiting for you, there, as opposed to, here.

I hope we are coming to an understanding, over-gradual though it may seem (the pace at which we are coming)(to an understanding)

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