I've heard it's good death technique

I like this distillation of the memories and their movement in Beckett's "Company".  Distilled by the book "After Beckett" from the google books -- [-pg 56-]

. . . the hand of the mother that is abruptly taken off and,in reaction, the body of the child falling from the huge pine tree (cutting and fusing skin and body); the nightmare of the total decomposition of what you care for too intensely, what you die for (the scene of the hedgehog); and finally a kind of nirvana, Thalassa in all its seductiveness, when among the waves the father calls from below.

Reminded of something earlier, about the bardo, here

By this time, the dying person has stopped communicating with the external world. He no longer sees form, hears sound, smells odors, tastes flavors or feels anything. There is no awareness of the objects of sense.

At this time, the white and red elements begin to vibrate toward disintegration. The inner experience of this phase is associated with three visions: a white vision, a red vision and a black vision.

The white and red elements, which we received from our parents in the form of sperm and egg, are known as the root elements of the body. The white essence, which we got from our father, pervades the body, but mainly resides within the crown chakra. The red essence, received from our mother, is also found throughout the body, but is concentrated in a place about four finger-widths below the navel chakra. As these two elements drift toward disorder, the white element is affected first.A few seconds, or perhaps a minute after the descent of the white element, the downward winds begin to shake and dislocate the red element from its residence four finger widths below the navel chakra.

When the white element, contributed by the father, begins to drip from the crown to the heart, all anger is dissolved. When the redness comes up from below the navel and merges with the heart, attachment comes to an end. The thirty-three emotions associated with anger are stopped, and the forty emotions related to attachment cease.
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