sisters seven of the mars

again speaking of sisters, there's again a place for them, this time on Mars, that's a planet somewhat nearish relatively speaking of planets in general (some planets are far farther, and in any case all require a, fair-to-arduous amount of, Long Distance Travel, along routes mostly as-yet untaken, un-pioneered) . . .

they (sisters) are holes in the planet surface   -- possible habitat-spot (temporary I suppose) as posited by um, nasa, for future (though it is looking unlikely?) pioneering explorative mars-bound peoples

the holes "informally named":  Dena, ChloĆ«, Wendy, Annie, Abbey, Nikki and Jeanne

I had written those names down long ago and then forgotten what they were then, another then, used them for seven women in a trouble in which they were gathered, I'm sorry to have put them in that position, went something like, at the very end, of 4th little book(likely forever unavailable) (but consider please I shall be making adjustments):

We have been very careful, are go betweens, still moving forward in to the froth rooms. We see moving ceilings; here is, Dena thinks, another world, its floor impinging. And certainly there are motion floors about, and things that become floors, “avalanche-specific” as Chloe has it, rigged heights that swell open and down, a cascade table, in a dining room, settings not yet divided, and placemats in constant motion – this report was signed as passed back by each relay member: Dena, Chloe, Annie (she wrote Chloe's last words: “room in blank state, this is where, remainder of packing packed, where does the fun come in”), Abby (who saw Annie slipped away in a blend of wall corridor wall floor door, wrote by her name: “there was a competitive surface”), Wendy (who wrote of Abby: “she said, there had been a wall being taken, and then, it was not a wall, it was a wall but a whispy thing also, free roaming dining table, uncutlerised, sight of legs in rooms or something, empty rooms, no, walls, suggests group of peoples, take care of them, Wendy, here they come!”) and Wendy added, because she returned safe after all, after going so far: “perhaps there's a constant limit, prior to any travel, constituting a background level of difficulty like a forever unready floor, so it is best to take care of those already around in the place definitely there, I promise to take care of Nikki and Jeanne, I won't let them come here”: Nikki reported a hug from Wendy, Jeanne was there too, she reported a hug, it was a hug of the two of them by the third party, made upon their return, with their notes and buckets and string.

meanwhile, don't neglect, the pleiades  

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