I am famous faultline

I experienced pleasure, mental pleasure, in the discoverment that I am or it is that I am named after with proud resonance the "pendleton fault" which is located among "manchester" ground and capable of a 6 magnitude which is not that bad, though not quite fatal enough for my liking nor temperament.  But consider the wimpy brick.  Inflexible.

 Think I'll activate my owner-user privileges soon.

"In 2007 a swarm of six earthquakes felt across the region was attributed to the fault"   -- that will have been my departing the england to the japan

fear my return // intercede if you may

NOTE: there are other pendletons abroad in the world. Some of them are quite evil. They have forfeited any right to power over fault. i.e., the fallen headmaster with the same damned name as I/LINK~to the abhorrent un-gentleman/ May we be clear is not me/ I have been worrying about this for a while now //why couldn't he be named michael or something __ at least I am not yet his age, though I will be, it's what happens, age mounts secondaryLINK~~// (I had a birthday just yesterday, I became half of 71)/ as a means of encouraging good behaviour useful to be aware that your name is highly unlikely to be unique// being named is a sharing// let us, may we, act with a reasonable dignity attuned to such consequences/ (problem with having names/having been named/ unwillingly / and that unwillingly we may mingle .

lucky for me it is not me -- it would be luckier for him were he me? But I would rather not have it so.

I think I would find it preferable another me was a suicide bomber rather than a voyeuristic headmaster/ always been quite partial to the suicide bomber/ a headmaster at a suicide bomber college.  A team of extra-strict prefects. ISIS-qualified! an "ma" in ISIS-studies opens a lot of doors.


pendletons I have known//there's an uncle D, an uncle G, for example, in fact, one ("G") I have not known since being born or nearabouts, and I was not at my best, shortly after being born, in terms of memory-formation, for example, and the basics of interaction, and even movement, really it is not the best time to be getting to know someone . . . this then "G" was a navigator for the "raf", particularly navigator for the dr.strangelove perpetually on shiftwork flight somewhere close to russian airspace, for the purpose of launching nuclear strikes, should the situation so entail mutually assured(don't be so sure) destruction. What times we have lived in.

Similar to brotherly brother duo in the deLillo big book "underworld"this -- uncle "D" worked at a nuclear power plant, and it was after the chernobyl incident that perhaps thinks went awry -- and as for "G" the responsibility of his occupation weighed over-heavy, and the horror of the logic, perhaps -- and they both had somewhat "breakdowns" -- an indication of good character, in my opinion -- and when one "breaks", "down" in the face of the systemetassized chaos-logic over-determined power of the nuclear industry in both weaponised and energy-producing forms, one has managed quite well, I think, yet know well "managed quite well" offers no actual from now on all-is-well circumstance, I am sorry to inform you we are in non-benevolent grounds and no escape, no recourse to elsewhere.

anyway, you've two chords to be getting on with

other pendleton factions: a defunct english icecream company / a culturally appropriative(?) shirt manufacturer of america // an american military base/ the witches of pendle hill that is where my heart lies and my bones cool with their barrow breath / and the pendlewitches ale that now and then you would find available as "guest ale" in various pubs of liverpool where I mainly lived with some consistency until here where I am with almost the same length time of consistency though I shan't calculate it right now I am not in the mood.


interpose overlay "it was the fault / of the pendleton" on following the Fall recording "dog is life/Jeruselam" -- snarl anti-dog poem segue to "jerusalem" "cover" plus "walking down the street" overlay/intervention : : imposition!

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  1. the Uncle G now dead (just to keep a record of these matters)