most favoured thing from within one previous week plus days themselves may amount to a week 01

mingle in wake
 un-mento-health un
 (so's the bodyily too
 health speaking the
 distinct between ebb,
 dissolve) so's thought
 make attempt at 
 p o s i t i v e  thought
 but in hindsight i.e.,
 "most favourite thing from within previous week
                                                          + some days
 and that shall do the work
 of some mento health work
    and be sure tune in on 
    same time next week
 some hour nor other and
                hope continue for 
                            all proceeding

so therefore, welcome to a continuing series! strap to seats! best thing remembered from now it's become a week plus one half a week, because of hesitancies, but that's OK, that way things go

best thing remembered from now it's become a week plus one half

it's from the previous but one episode of tv series the americans when the character man named "philip" or "phillip" gets out of the car driven by his wife woman called "elizabeth" also known as "felicity" -- he doesn't get out of the car in normal manner, he has to be evasive in his disembark. He has to have not been in the car. A reality adjustment.

Does not jump from the car. We don't see the door open I think, but later after the driver his wife purports to perform some turning manouvure as cover, he is flat on his face on the ground of little car park, he has slid out of car like a letter posted. Very good work overall.

that is best thing most favoured from now a period accommodating two weeks, do feel capable of tuning in for next installment, in which, when, some other period, and thing favoured within, for sure I'm sure, and thankyou.

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