Truffle-Geiger, further adventures of, + all else.

The "Truffle-Geiger" trooped around the place in search of something (lost time) or just excercising I don't know. It showed much interest in the bottle of whiskey (cheap stuff, mainly for hot toddy, this season full of sniffles) -- I upturned a medicine cap and put an antennae-sized drop. It trooped around the cap from all aides and probed with antennaes speculatively and then seemed whoozy and half on its side, antennae weaving as in a dream. Then a dice had inadvertently become immersed in some spilled stout; I placed this dice and it came of its sleepy dream and again speculated with antennae. Then began striding around atop a translation-in-progress print-out. I feel we shared a little moment, and if we never meet again, we will recall of each the other with good happy regard and tears will stream.
That was a bit of life then. . .

-- all else uneventful, all else uneventful,all else uneventful . . .
(saying things three time and them become a kind of spell) --

I have ceased striving, if I ever did (strove, I mean). I may have strided once or twice. I straddled a wall once or twice, to climb over it. Otherwise no. September 17 2016, it was written on a memo on the wall (not any wall I straddled, there is a ceiling &c) (a home all) "(my name) ceased to strive, sept 17, 2016 -- Consider it a gesture, political, against the tories, if you want. It seems to be working, they are crumbling apart. If I had said it three time (ceasing to strive x3) it may have had a quicker effect, but you must be careful with spells.

In times of this un-event let us wither in peace and quiet.

Whiskey means "water of life" in Irish. If the manga "the five star stories" was translated into Irish would the "water of life" related to the dragons be translated as "whiskey"? Or would that confuse things?

I found in my notebook something I had written, at myself, in red pen, a few pages, directives on translation. I don't remember writing this. probably translation shouldn't have too many directives. Do what works well. Whether it is complicated, or simple. Don't mind that things may seem impossible.
So there is a sort of striving going on.

But anti-government.

"Truffle-Geiger" is most probably not filled with resentment, xenophobia, idiotic rage, unthinking cynicism. (I am trying to finish this blog-post by referring to its beginning)


I will "switch-a" like The Fall in for example (there are others) "the man whose head expanded"


Currently this seems the peak of music. 3776.

It has the same power as fushitsusha investigating some minute aspect, a studying of possibilities, like something from the purple london live double cd, for example.

There is a peak carefully reached then a continuation that doesn't peak but reminds you of the origin. Alluvial.

I don't know why this is occurring at this time. I'll talk more about this in blog post studying "cuteness", part two, I will leave here a placeholder l__._|_.__]. Part one is here. Though I was mainly talking about the floor being slippy. There is a The Fall song about that. It must be there is a The Fall song about anything / everything . . .

may our blogs aspire to such.


suddenly, "Truffle-Geiger" has re-appeared. I was expecting in the evening maybe, if lucky. So I am luckier than I would have been?


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  1. think was thinking of this specifically: FUSHITSUSHA "overthrow"

    nice ozawa bass clear &c. It is the "idea" followed-thru, maybe to see means of "overthrowing" it.

    My guess.