"fumigate" ; further elaborations

Want to while still fresh memorialise thoughts on "fumigate" emanating from twitter,(starting around here? https://twitter.com/LmthwL/status/710472258343428097 ) I can't recall the impetus but that's OK.

fumigate: (often wishfully) broke down = // 'Gate' meaning apocalyptic .. @LmthwL as in the holy writings.. The predictions and the awaiting by its believers? .. .?//

fumigate: for-me-gate (gate-as opening/reproductive connotations) four-gates (a basic town)

(contd) migrate (creeps in)
fume (anger/fire) gat = ghat the burning ghats of benares, I think, the burning of bodies.

further elaborations: benares, often considered the oldest still-populated city in the world(where else?)
Burroughs the exterminator (I haven't read that text tho)
the de-population thru fumigation of undesirables in our "residences"
as the earth(world) is fumigated in our attempts to create civilisation enough for these "residences"
that we fumigate

(also, Burroughs, fumigating(exterminating) my thought "the Lost Ones" (Beckett) is inspired by Kafka "Josephine/the Mouse-Folk"/ the holocaust / + finally leads to the comic "MAUS"

I think that's what I wanted to say. A little further thus. That's the name of a fushitsusha song I had for a while considered for my funeral. But now I don't want a funeral. There should be chutes to send you to a volcano or some magma, or corium.
(Oh, and this is earlier: "Brexit" = Corexit → Corium

Is the song on youtube? Let's look.I can't find it. Shame. It is "funereal" -- fume is and funnel/ chimneys / you see here in tokyo and no doubt elsewhere tall white columns spewing smoke. They are either for recycling(burning) rubbish or near funeral "parlours" and that is dead people.

to end this a while, something musical. then this fushitsusha "just before", I thought,think Japanese title is "ほのすこし前" or something but wife-woman says "no", and I have the cd but not with me. sorry/ it is a melodic rising intro to an album. The next song is ”うまくいったのに" or something like that, but that is a separate blog post I have prepared for some other time.

Hold on, "fumigate" was from some "pre-death couplet" I had dreamed of once, that I was going to use twitter for purely (as receptacle for pre-death couplets) (I thought eventually they could be shuffled. But then I just got lost in twitter-garble. Also, I am not sure I am pre-death enough. I would have to go a doctor to make sure.

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