wierd prior

wierdly day prior to visit to mento heathcliffe cycliclalsinkneeshschisms switched on tv an anime depicting precise spot I meet wife-woman after her french lesson to head to mento heathcliffe cycliclalsinkneeshschisms -- took photo -- there is a statue depicting . . . something, a male female couple in a dance the female has apple in hand behind back, so: adam and eve?

anyway, that's where I'll be before embarking on journey across penis bridge etc, wow.

weird, I sit right where they sit, or the other bench.


  1. it is the man has apple I verified.

    there are suggestions it is romeo and juliet? it is not a good statue/sculpture//

    imagine giacometti's public work he had planned if it existed.

    scouse girls drinking from cider while spinning around by henry moore sculpture in liverpool, sudden re-collection.

  2. someone was taking photos of this exact spot from that angle yesterday 3:pm ish they were doing 聖地 I bet.