conversation post late nov 2015 (late nov, late hrs)

tomorrow, I think I shall wake up and drink wine. It it perishingly cold, or will be. My grandparents would think so. I am going to drink wine and finish the 5th little book/novella. I shall sit here approx. where I am now and do that.  No-one probably will read the novella. Very few people have read the 1st, 2nd, nor 3rd, all published. I decide this does not matter.

When I have finished the 5th (where is the 4th, you may wonder? it is in the garage) I will probably go to sleep.

I may play a punishingly hard video game.

I shalln't think of dinner.

that will be beyond me by then if all above goes right.

Then the 6th, &c, and on the blog here, maybe, something or other. Otherwise, I'm not sure.

I go mento &c on saturday.

the perishing cold will lift a while, they say, on TV, then descend, it is called winter.

I don't yet believe in 2016.

When it happens, then OK.

To sleep is a wonderful thing.

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