self-debate as to worth of new yurumerumo song, j-poppal authority # x

i am "warming" to the new ゆるめるモ song, after worrying a bit about their chosen trajectory. or is it just because they are in school uniforms?

or that "my favourite one" (the leader I assume) had dyed her hair somewhat reddish? no brownish only, and it suits. (the one in the red skirt, maybe to signal her seniority)

and that in the end they enter a rocket and appear to be escaping a meteor shower that is to end the world?

perhaps a combination of all/// oh! and they enter a shop with no lights on and stock up, for end of the world, that is a reason to like it . . . also, their building a rocket, is a bit like at the end of film "melancholia", but with a happier result (a marginal idol unit is now in space, the survival of humanity is guaranteed at least for a little while) (anyway, note continuation of the "journeying to space" imagery/concept) (this -- continuity -- must be worth something)

it sounds better loud actually. and the one w. blonde hair has dyed her end bits pink, and has white hair ribbons. Where can you buy hair ribbons, by the way, I have always wanted to know . . . ?

and we are reminded of "setsuden", when after the nuclear meltdowns, the convenience stores lowered their lighting. It was nice.

(an edit from future september: I have decided I can't not like this song/video, it is too lovely, I am sure yurumerumo are relieved by this decision)

oh, and somehow me of reminded (their being in abandoned shop perhaps) this magnificent double-spread scene from manga "I am a Hero" where the "hero" main character enters a convenience store post-panic and muses he must be the last manga author alive (spoiler: turns out he isn't!)

from "I am a Hero" vol. 6 // (excuse my ((dirty)) thumb)

final decision: I like it as video as it is sort of all beautiful in a cute-girlz way, but if on cd I would likely skip this song. Lacks the "ga--" drive of previous stuff for example:

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  1. I've now officially over-warmed up, UP, to this new video and may even buy the EP I hear 3rd track is a "post punk pyschedelic" 7+min something or other and the cover is nice. All's well. They're the Guard (for time being I stand by this opinion)