I got a good review I got a good review, oh no, (variant on half man half biscuit)

beautifullviewreview of new genre #7 at here http://suptales.blogspot.jp/2015/08/new-genre-issue-seven.html

I don't think anyone had actually read my little works properly until now, maybe. (tho I had inkling, with WPWS, this is the one that would reach across the divide, and find the people, I think I thought that -- my idea of "pure" "sf" for our current era)

I remember waking up one day, thinking I'm gonna do something nasty-appalling, and the Rotund Chums were instigated, in notes at least.

the poor bastards. "trying to get to hell in a hurry" = JS

anyway, for those innarested(troubled people you must be), there is horrid horrid surgical "proceduce", the details as wikipedia has them: ・・/ in the actual fact, I can no longer locate the link, I think you are all better off for that. // UPDATE; i found the link, note, it is not happy reading, maybe do not undertake this surgical procedure but anyway: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemicorporectomy

but be careful out there . . .

I tried to purchase "supernatural tales" utilising my mother, some yrs back, could she send a cheque etc, but it didn't work, because I have to ask my mother at least twice to do anything, and even then . . . it is not that she is in dotage or otherwise incompetent, mentally, medically, you know, just I suppose she is my mother. She means well. There is no mother in WPWS far as I can remember

"supernatural tales" seems like worth purchasing if you can manage it, anyhow.

now here must be a jpop in celebration of this review. Or have we had too much recently. Most any event has seemed to provoke a j-pop. Why not a "the fall"instead? Hard decision to make(actually is, a hard decision)(I am trying to make it now)

Hold on: does it have to be or the fucking other? One of each?! Think carefully, Pendleton, on what you mean to do. A comment on each is required at least. The implications . . . ! either way, I think this is called a "plus point"

ok: video #1 = the fall "bill is dead" atypical in many ways, though listen its mdma-drenched luvved-up that's what they called it then: noteable lyrics: "your legs/ are so cool" and "came twice, you thrice" -- well these are acquired tastes -- also, plus-point, my wife, who I sent this video to as a link, can't view by her iphone, but if I embed, maybe she can! Let us hope so.

embed video:

and next it must be j-pop. as cute but still good as possible, I am demanding. Difficult yet . . .

hold on: for example, if I was to pick "BiS", they no longer exist, but it stood for "Brand-New idol Society", I think. there are two options, both seem like guerilla performances for select group of fans. One is in a train. I am going to save the one on the train for later, because I will sooner or later finish a novella involving trains and it will then be appropriate.

I am keeping things in reserve, you understand.

So now, you, get, "nerve" it is actually very famous, in marginal-idol circles, the dance for example. I like that the little boy sort of attacks the women, and also, he is momentarily placed under one's dress, and the girl with hair tied-up is v.cute, though I also like the almost-down-syndrome-of-appearance, maybe in fact the best tho that's not exactly the point. and sort of an other-antoganism with the little boy seems to develop, in snippets we are partly witness to, like maybe everything that has currently happened in true detctive season 2 (I'm a fan) (I declare)

video, go to bed!

and, don't worry, I like all sorts of other musics too!

and I write SFnal novellas and shall continue to do so until I die.

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