black magics enacted: await results, 3,2,1,

I've been in states not the united states, but states nevertheless, mento states perhaps, and I've a leg, the right one, shall I introduce you, in french the leg is "la jambe", so all bits have different gender, that's OK, but I always want to know why, a gendered language, what is the point?

so my la jambe it is healing I suppose, and my black magic, it is not really so, it is done with negative capa/culpa/ability/(sic/sicks) whatever, and all was involved was some pens and nighttime and I don't remember anything, and that's for the best.

all's all but yet nothing's enough, as in a RBduP poem, I'll get back to all that, give me a little time, partly I made a non-terrible act to allow future a little more just enough I want to finish all sorts, you understand I take it.

perspective of a good novel, poem,from it's perspective (to the reader) "with your understanding, I take it"


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