I, being on blog, saw blogs

I being on blog decide to show my agglomerate of other blogs, they who are still on blog, and I put them here, a link, plus a little note each, be aware I'm very shy so have not contacted any of the blog-people and if they want me to pretend I don't enjoy their blog by representing them in the following, do let me know, if you are not too shy also, and if I am not to shy in response, I may manage to disengage you from this just about to be a ghostly community, and if I am too shy to do that (disengage you from the glory that is to come), well I must apologise right now , and shall be under a blanket most of my life remaining . . .

favour blogs// they now follow:

http://callingdrbombay.blogspot.jp/ An expert of Henry Darger, who writes often wonderful poems about Henry Darger, and other things I suppose too, and writes too with great heart about mento troubles (that's a code, see some early post here-in)(I mean on my blog here)(not over there), recently her cat died, I grieved for it, my dead-cat (see below) "came to me in the dark", but recently a five year old girl with cancer all over her body has visited as a replacement, she demands(the five year old girl who does not exist I am talking about a dream or half-dream sleep paralysis moment) lots of tea, and I realised, upon waking, we only had one floor cushion (we have no chairs) and although it had been on my mind, and on my shopping list, to find some floor cushions, I hadn't, until just after the dream, wherein, whereby, whence, whatever's the word, came across two at a very reasonable price, in just the best reasonable I think colours, so now, there are floor cushions, but as for the tea, if it is english tea the guest wants, we have only one reasonable cup, and one too-small I think tea-pot, and if it is japanese tea, we have the equipment, but my wife better be present, because she has had the necessary training, and the training, reader, is necesssary, otherwise you just make a mess.

So now we have three floor cushions (zabuton) (座布団) (...again with the floor cushions, we once had two, but my wife-woman's little bother burnt his appartment down, and came to stay here, and reader, we lacked extra pillows, so one floor cushion became customaryily used night after night for his pillow, and then when he got a new appartment, the sleeping futon, and the floor cushion (i.e. za-futon, fu become bu, just because) za, as in "zazen" dear zennist-readers) (the "za" from "suwaru" 座る verb: to sit -- try not to confuse with "sawaru" "触る" verb: to touch, can lead to awkward moments -- this has been a japanese lesson, for free, and I have managed to confuse myself) -- so he got a futon and a zabuton --

-- this is when I felt the "blogging" is okay to be doing, and the space of the "blogging" is now become that of an "untroubled failure" and is benevolent in all its aspects, like humus, for example, I don't think anyone has been harmed by humus, have they? I don't know how to spell humus, most likely.

http://fortlaufen.blogspot.co.uk/ here, also called "flowerville" -- was mentioned in the "a blog comes to one in the dark" // I was talking the other month about (not talking directly, to you, or here, I was thinking about) "I have given you a cat in the dark" from R.D's last poem. All seems to fit. There is talk about trauma on this blog. Trauma is a strange thing. It likes a delay, catches up, and you are in sudden jaws, though never quite eaten. (no, in fact, you can be eaten -- the one time only perhaps)

http://ifyouknowwhatimsaying.blogspot.jp/ all about anthony braxton. A valiant act of impossiblities. It may be currently resting, but deserves to. Rest up till the work to be done seems again do-able. Bit by bit.

http://www.pseudopodium.org/ a webzone wherein all elements of things I happen to be interested in (SFnal fictions, Zukofsky, Spicer) plus much else I don't have a clue coalesce in an intelligence vortex . . .

I now emplant a j-poppal by Oomori Seiko called "over the party" as in celebration (and do you know by the way mystery in the japanese underground scene of the term: "overhang party"?)

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