illustrations of end events (two) plus description of affectionate cat visitation as dreamt muggy morning(with some night) of 2nd May 2015

from pre-dawn crows gathering, v.vocal -- I think they are sensing the beginning of public holiday "golden week", the exodus (their (crow's) outlying recon flocks are reporting) "successful begun of exodus) means they are freer to gambol in the metropolis, less angry encounter, more frolic, more revalry// good, I think, for them, and I don't mind it at all either//
-- but I thought one crow clearly sang out "today's the day of your final fatal hour" / I worried about the half or is it more than half, phantom or is it true, redundancy i.e., "final fatal" / we are all in need of editing /

and because I had been over-reading in the straneglet/mini-black hole/ top quark/neutron star/ result of CERN LHC experiments etc and the recent increase in earthquakes

these sky events come and go / a daytime sky, no specific direction/ the time of day? it's just day/ it's to be the last day. Night as it typically occurs (assume sunset? I think that's how) may well not/

as I saw in some fraught stuff in dream: moon clear cirlcle in daytime. and another/ Each moon's white circular departs somewhat down and to the right from perspective of me in dream, leaving a greyish dirty circle. While the removed white circle warps and becomes maybe a projectile. The lands and skies shake.

Some orbitting (or who knows how far it is) / is unlidded/ and the lid goes sailing . . . groundward

I depict as thus:

lids, or seals, I think. like in "revelations"! -- a year ago, listening to a new current93 album, contained extracts like from a radio seminar perhaps, of an evangelist or what shall I call them, in this great calm yet decisive voice described "revelations" in a way full of sense, starting from one aspect we can't begin to understand, relates to another, and soon a shape of something not quite yet of the world but pure logic and waiting, to be logically be, "manifest"/ seals and lids, in any case. Sometimes a seal was more meant as a proof of authenticity of source of a communication i.e., a letter . . . ?

another sky event was a mottling of bright light in circular formation before presenting as a super nova as understood by me in this dream/ / super nova on radiating fatal collision very soon with the earth which is our planet here, we are, as far as I understand it.

and I depict as thus/ -- no, iin the end I could not depict to my satisfaction.  Use your head can't you, while there's still an earth to be on.

By now the crows (21st May) are quiet. Humans returned to the city in a "U-turn rush". The world: not quite ended.

my cat-who-is-dead visited me as a heaviness (cat-heaviness, bearable) in aftermath still in the dream, perhaps I went out,in, further in, to relate to the cat who-is-dead, vocally-speaking, as a cat, he was vocal, while "still with us" -- crows their vocals, often sound similar -- crows I think have a network of squawks over unknowable distance, we in our housing may hear the initial sounding out, it's reiteration, and same, each a distance out, then a gap until response is coming in. Then I suspect a more animated for local purposes debate call response, until next long distance message is to be decided on, and is relayed, by whosoever, has best voice, most authority, is most trusted so the copy to propogate into distance can be assumed to be most accurate -- contain most as close as possible to the original, information.

I cry in a dream when greeted by visiting gone cat but once awake I note I've shed no tear I may be a sentimental dreamer but otherwise it's OK.

Ready your ending and that . . . days ask food and that, for example, end that
halve your acts
the very many all creatures are reducing in number, the great and the small

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