compulsory cat , offered as solace for those suffering after results of recent british election

I can't offer much (none) words of use, but the world is going towards the bitter where the resentful party, resentfully, secretly hate each other, and I would rather the opposite: openly love all if it seems at all possible. Love, not tolerate. I am speaking of a hard path. No path to follow as you must make it yourself.

I tried to enter the system for postal voting but it did not seem feasible: a 5-day window for the ballot thing to be sent to me then me to send it back . . . post takes a whole week internationally speaking one-way only. Maybe I misunderstood something. The language of government sites is so vague, I think they want me to be uncertain. Well I am (uncertain) prior and post to their (government) involvement, yet I had intended to do something (vote) yet I couldn't. Or I simply didn't understand. At this point in time, it amounts to the same thing.

I want to offer comfort etc. You people who used to read this place and used to also live in liverpoool it was long ago, do please speak to me (not verbally, I mean via the email technologies that have been created in the last 20+ years) And if you don't (within window of the five days same as provided by international voting service) perhaps I shall begin to pester you.

but I think I shall retreat after one pester to complete until death silence so you needn't worry too much.

My dear gone friends.

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