against submission as such

I list the repulsion methods used by some (they are many) publisher-type-kinda places that force me not to submit to them

1/ a submission fee -- reasons: i) I don't have moneys most of the time, nor a credit card with which I could conjure money and put in on the paypal, which I am assuming is how the submission fee is supposed to be done (how the transaction shall('nt) transpire) -- that's one reasonable reason. it is more of a "predicament" than a reason but I'm glad to be in it (predicament) because I escape confronting the moral concerns (moral and, I don't know, ethical) that is the 2nd (ii) reason i.e., ii) like in the old days we knew not to pay to be published, that was called "vanity publishing."  Sometimes a "publisher" would send a letter, like to the young quite mentally-ill girl my mother, who worked as a "pupil mentor" at a girls school on the wirral peninsula in england told me about, this young girl wrote a a something-or-other, and gathered the courage or fool-hardiness, to submit, to someplace maybe was advertising in a newspaper or something (this is before internet) and they reply: "we love your work, please in order to cover costs etc pay such-and-such and we will publish etc" and the young girl was confused and upset, so said my mother, and so I said, whenever you are asked to pay for your writing to be published, you say "NO" -- nothing has changed.  It is a simple stance to take.

just. say. "NO"

there's other stuff to say about this (sometimes you are offered a book for having paid to submit, etc, this almost makes it reasonable) no-one reads etc. The fact that no-one reads is not my fault. I read more than most. I read poetry, yet don't write it. That makes me remarkable. I should be exempt from all submission fees because of this. (in the next two weeks, I will compile every book of poetry I have in this little appartment I am in, and write about each and every one to prove such -- then you, editor-thing, shall formalise my exemption as stated above etc/)

see too mr Adam Golaski's editorial essay "A Sing Economy" in New Genre#6 for some nuance etc/

2/ guidelines mention "well-rounded characters" = I'll immediately know we shan't be getting on.
also, isn't this an assertive act, like demanding a "normative psychology" ? (demands that the characters be unbroken is same as you are expecting the author not to be unbroken?) (what world demands of us (invisibly as it may seem to you, Editor-thing) every hours of our daysnightsfraughtlife -- although admittedly there are times, I call it relent-time, when what seemed so relentless (the life-fraught) relents -- and during such grace relent-time, maybe, Editor-thing, I can "see where you are coming from", but I see this with distaste, I see you are in utter unaware thrall to the coersion-world systems . . . so, just say "NO")

As an assault against this frequently occurring "guideline" I composed the attack squadrons called "the Rotund Chums" as featured in Work Planet Welt Space almost-always-forth-almost-coming in New Genre#7

3/ guidelines mention "a good tale well told" = the same as above basically applies here too.
I here embed a jpop song that amply expresses my stance as detailed in all this blogpost.
I present "やめました” by spoon+ (don't pronounce the "+", apparently)

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