jPopal authority 002

yurumerumo album end trilogy cap\ trilogy as I declare it, with no supporting etc/s / time notations xx:xx\ with no need for order as in what is noted now, may be preceded later by earlier note/ use your head, can't you, your on earth/

ゆめるモ -- derived (?) from "you'll melt more!" / ゆる・/ you'll) melt = メルト・becomes just  める・and the "more!", it's sufficient simply モ・

     "you'll    melt      more!"
     yuru meru (the "t" not approached) モア=モ /・  in any case, when things melt, this happens.

ゆる (you will) める モ  (the possiblity you may melt more, that may mean fit in better, is a better than usual corpse in a camp)  - also seems an approach at the "moe" phneonmennae? but probably no-one really cared about that .. . .


1/ なつ おん ぶろ

  filmed at a summer festival(?), eventually nears that doors concert as depicted in that doors movie where native american ghosts manifest and fires are built and all dance strange with know-how of other worlds / a playmobil version, the colours vibrant and it is a good day's daytime and there are girls merry and some colour-coded fan groupings in the "in-audience" 4:37~ revalry -- there is even a small horn section

-and 3:13 some punck-cracked enthused vocal bind the group and audience in unreastrained happinesses

it is appropriate they are wearing work overalls//
4:23 // reconfirm bond apex// declared group name: yurumerumo/

2/ oo(ラブ)

as usual with yurumerumo, this starts one fairly balanced unsurprising way only to progress subtle until circa 2:13 a switch and new things are now being considered//(not necessarily a chorus, more a continuation?) this will occur in the next tune also// there will be a resettling to the new order, /3:20/engine of introduction audience configured to support with the particular salutations of idol culture(?)?/then an extra disruption /no, acknowledgment of little pocket of above said/(follows idol chant audience participation culture) /4:18~?/ prelude to 5:18 a slight one more time settlement, then overcome, until the final direction is fixed (seems to ascend as a logic netherpath there had been followed as correct route out from start) -- the idea is space travel cannot be indecisive

3/ たびのしたく

all the highpace urgent initialisation of this song is a kind of ruse. You could also be thinking of it as a laying of the ground/forming the atmosphere -- it will be like some cosmic body is in a fury ejecting elements of itself only to later relent (1:40) and find a configuration (2:29) to absolve back in grace return with the eddy of its just-gone (mild)fury (3:49) some harmonic in-and-out weave-wave work/// you'll see/ know yourself / 4:24/
spaceship crews/ necessary simultaneous movements, (5:17) in order to leave orbit// and the subsequent space voyaging, in synch weave harmonies -- there's propulsion plausible


  1. I say trilogy because they are the three last songs on the album and they seem to cohere as a thingy i.e., a trilogy in my mind , that's all, and there's a general theme of going into space throughout the album, as in "concept album", as I consider it, in any case, that's all.

    and ゆるめる is a verb, 緩める loosen, unfasten 気を緩める = relax.

    I should.

  2. an actual trilogy exists at the end of sonic youth's daydream nation, for example.