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ゆるめるモ!『眠たいCITY vs 読書日記』

Ideal ideal song, after listening, unhummable, during listening, same, need another go. Seems to evade. No immediate "ear worm". One more go, can't quite see the structure. Can't interioally reconstruct song in isolated head/disposability of pop // coalesce at the moment of play only / otherwise unhummable in memory / uncatchable perfect pop" I always like the songs you can't quickly hum in your head, in fact, the songs a little bit of which seems to snag in your musical memory yet how it came to be (the little song snag) or how it continues, eludes you/me. Rare to find a song like that, but that's where good to wallow, figure the song (it's parts, and flow, how it works) // may end disapointed with how it all went down// I took too long with this so now what I noted isn't (but in any case I have come to the conclusion: "yurumerumo" ゆるめるモ are quietly wonder-ful)  initial thoughts were: (with just-now "are" impositions)

yurumero supposed to make ep as tribute or homage to suicide the somewhat-what no-wave or prior to that unnamed era? so I listened in attitude of search to the suicide (happily available here)(no legal complications my friend, I merely lent you my copy, we sprawled on some sort of converted tressle contraption accommodating our tired bits and plush cushions supported our alert listening factors -- just to figure this all out while it seemed important). Some initial atmospheric tone is evident but more like a glancing touch in saying "inspiration" -- and that's far well and OK.

the best cover is a defamiliarisation. I'm sure we are all agreed. one reason "aihiyou" was a supreme unit, there was faith shown to the original in the willingness to go far and unidentifiably out distant unabashed re-configuration to the nth . . .

upon listening with overlay of my such listenings so's now I am talking with a basis-ish of knowledge: second suicide song definite is a thing appear! its mulch synth swell! a glance at least -- it's nice to get some connections going/

first drummachinetight attended vocal declaraion of the perhaps theme/ it is an opening statement / then it settles to the song itself/ which i was at first thrilled by its purposeful awryness, oh or so I thought -- there is declaration (opening statement), and conclusion in same tone/ and between, otherways, the song, it feels freely free to fragment in, having comfort in, (without of the song) a benevolance that's for sure abouts, spectrally, maintaining the distributed product (partly exchanging vocal parts to the disparate 6 members)

while listening early on I did wonder how it could be done live/

most frission is when isolated parts become reinforced but-by-bit then there is a step back to rehearse the reinforcement, and the result is warm all participants together, after the anxious unsure strifes
/ only that making a video about making a video seems quickly a worst option, but at least the space-suit costume scenes are good. -- but not watching the video helps the music, so avert your eyes, look shyly somewhere none-monitor surface transmitting clean clear on all accounts as of such/

yurumerumo currently has strong core seems to if not resist managerial directions, absorbs and alters then in perfect receptive active period -- may not last long -- catch quick/ now there's a new song, I feel it isn't good. Already the thing I say is good, because it can't be hummed, and then, over the time I took, became hummable, is superseded by new more prim package

Which is pop in any case, it moves on. Don't get too involved!

note: with this entry plus this one ending with fall-song comment the duty I imposed on myself --here-- has been partly met in some initial overlate stage so there should be a grin affixed to most humanity from now on until 7 minutes later and I shall apologise, I am un-dutiful to self-concocted duty, but attempt a reversal of this, now and then, here is one such, occasion.

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