tentative announce schedule for nows

tremble tentative blog schedule for now till mortal doom

a wednesday j-pop

a saturday the fall

we will be exact precise like militarily

a wednesday will be j pop / it's a lose term / expect surprise / must be open to over-cute /

a saturday the fall, very simple ,  day after tomorrow then / start tentative schedule --


otherwise what I'm supposed to do, don't know, currently am thriving at bottom of drained container of no-hope

very fucking no hope

so what the fuck are you looking at


  1. It is the end of Wednesday in California and I think it is even Thursday in Japan. Where is J-pop?

    If you are not writing about J-pop then you should be making yogurt and/or granola, or watering a plant. Or some Japan equivalent of those activities. Write that down and that way you will remember it between Wednesdays.

  2. tentativity of the tentative schedule is tenacious I am afraid and sorry /

    recently was nurturing an avacado plant but it committed suicide