my favourite almost film / end of a love triangle /

kimagure orange road (no idea why it's called that) : everyone has psychic powers in tv series but in this movie which resolves the love triangle nothing is mentioned of such powers. I have it on VHS with english sub at home. Here, you have to deal with Korean sub, useless to me. There is also a spanish version I think. Ask and you shall receive. The moment on the bridge. The moment on the bridge. The moment on the bridge.

I cry at the very thought of watching this film....

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  1. actually the moment on bridge is real short maybe I magnified it in my memory.

    the thing is all is suffering. Best exemplified by love triangle. Tho why they don't simply triangulate the thing and merge 3-some I don't know.

    Many little details in this very short "film" (strictly less than an hour)

    the discarded of the triangle comes off best, I think, or "matures"

    I mainly embedded this here so wife could watch on iphone linked to tv, otherwise she couldn't use normal youtube link.

    Such is the future.