j-poppal authority circa 006 recent ゆるめるモ

「id アイドル」

implications: to become an idol, is to take on an identity and suicide yourself (death by producer, the own clothes group-fun (shopping) mid-section, then the resurrection (in idol uniform(=uni-form, un-self i.d.) (then death again, it is implied) (what if there is nothing but bardo between bardo?) (and to become an idol one must be aware one day one shall not be an idol, a limited period identity only)

mirrors: marginal (地下) idol development over past few years (I want to argue 11th March 2011 as the trigger(this argument will be developed in a later post, I promise) BiS = idol is dead, now resurrected by yurumerumo (who are possibly soon to be not 地下, they are moving above ground (地上アイドル!)

what comes next, I don't know . . .

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