current athwart circumvent AH!

my twitter is going asleep.

I don't know how to make it sleep, I just leave it alone a while. Unmolested.

It doesn't seem to matter.

I had dreams I remember now.

A cat with tongue peeping out. That was on twitter too, in actual fact. Remember my dead-cat, its tongue often peeping out. An endearing trait.

And (in the dream) many mantises all along the window, on the outside, or a window-thresh, whatever's it called, making love,threshing, in fact. Became less mantis-like, more hybrid-legged, and entwining with window-thresh, then still in the partnering (they were monogamous, sorry).

and that's it.

The End.

"integral tower", as mentioned on the twitter some time ago/

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  1. me malale strangely signed-out16 November 2015 at 22:31

    no, it woke back up
    twitter has talons.
    & too late too late, for a quick exit.