"I can remember a lot about the kingdom . . ." conv.post 2015 july, hours: late

I post my abstract fatima, who she is I dunno. My wife-woman puts her in various technically-adapted lighting structures on her "tumblr" and there is a "collage" I did too, among all sorts.  There is a "secret garden" I like.

That (collage) is just you stick things together and hope for the best. Not "college" or is it the same . . .

I went to sleep way too early and now woke up too early but not late enough to attempt another venture at sleep, that's nighttime for you, and optimisms. optiminimisms. optimalmimsies.

I have many bruises and things blooming in unexpected interesting ways hooray. And my leg seems worse but I am assuming like the pre-war 2nd gulf war 1997(?) "labour party" "things can only get better" -- holy shite, holy hannah (hat-tip golaski) things must be pretty dire right now.

But why.

I shall make all corrections.

... the peace I was going to establish"

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