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what was that last post all about?

I feel I had a tremendous paragraph to write, and wrote it, but pressed the wrong button, twice, while training my bad leg to walk, I had walked to the river, which is a leanable zone because of railings, otherwise would fall into river. They like to make sure we're safe.

then I over-exerted myself and on the way back got stuck on the stairs to our 4th floor housing and required wife's assistance -- she is not so robust so not sure it helped much (neither am I) (robust)

. . . and then the falling flat on face happened, I don't recall, I was beyond my limit, to be any kind of active force. Not much damage though. Some mild abrasion. An emerging bruise (they take their time to show, bruises. Like a burn, seems to radiate from beneath-surface source)

I don't mind any of this. I think I forced the leg to heal quicker.

I am going to get my uncle-in-law who knows layman-like aikido to teach me to fall better. He once demonstrated a simple throw on me and the next day there was a remarkable black bruise fully there from the one simple grab. Remarkable, I said to him. I'm not a masochist or anything.

I would like to be able to walk by sunday.

"Fall again. Fall better"

I'm not keen on the appropriation of the beckett line (replace fall with fail) as a statement(?) of self-improvement. Later it goes "Try again. Fail again. Better again. Or better worse. Fail worse again. Still worse again. Till sick for good. Throw up for good . . . &c"

the japanese translation of "worstward ho" is "さ、最悪の方へ!” I don't know if it comes with an exclamation mark. Use it in conversation. Beckett is not so readily available in japanese. We have "ill seen ill said" = 見ちがい言いちがい ・・・

I hold up the final paragraph of "ill seen ill said" as objectively good writing. The final line troubles because of sentimentality, but in the japanese, the imperative is obvious. So then. // no, sorry, see the post where I admit "I fucked up" please and sorry //

I would like to be able to walk by sunday, because my wife expressed interest in getting a "Mortar Headd" model (!), and I feel like finding something cute.

Quick, before the blog-reader loses interest, post something cute. an image I think he means:

ok, proabably doesn't count as "cute" but a deKooning I like to think of as his version of a "fatima" from "the five star stories"

or here on my wife's tumblr:

by the way, I tag this and others as "conversation posts", that means I hope beyond hope to have a conversation, in the comments, but I am not at all sure you can see neither tags nor comments, probably you have long been a hive-mind currently negotiating "splice-durations" for some approximation of a holiday with just a few thousand other consciousnesses or other... blogs are so lonely . . .

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