"I'm considering all your inputs"

used to doubt my coat, and now the weather is turned, and become un-coatable more or less, I feel renewed useless fondness for said coat, and regret my doubting of it. Perhaps I should name it? that tends to make things better, more nonchalent-seeming, among the battery of trouble that is night and (mainly) day

I went through this blog's past to try and find image of the coat, it was hung and facing another coat, there was something of a confrontation in the image. I couldn't find it.

Going through the blog's past I am become sad I am not in contact with the friendly people, now and then they would show up, I had a few friends for a time. That was long ago. Nowadays people barely speak, and I lost the will to prompt, poke etc, them, and I thought, without the will, anyway, it shan't matter. Also, I don't want to cause trouble. But I become sad. I must have done something wrong, repeatedly. It takes so many years to consider that this is the case. No certainties, of course. I shall only suspect of myself my wrong+bad-ness.

As for the writing "business", I am not in a good form, everything done so far doesn't amount to much, and I am very slow, and other than the praiseworthy birkensnake peoples, all editorial experiences have been very slow, and very un-forthcoming, to the extent that I worry I am not a ghost most of the time, and all the connections I thought I'd made are only little daydreams, and therefore, as I was born in "birkenhead", it makes sense that "birkensnake" were the best experience, as in the daydream in which I believed the most, having been born in its surroundings, maybe it is a garden I was born as a ghost in

and in all otherwise, I don't have what it takes

I am a very shan't /personage/ of Oh-feeble character/ of flee-mind/ overly can't/

if you put like: /2008/ after the html thingy of this blog then you get to see the past, it is quite simple really/ plus the month/

it is not a requirement, merely a suggestion/

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