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I keep finding myself enjoying "inappropriate" things such as 7/7 conspiracy theories and resulting finds such as little miniscule, unremarkable-you-may-think transcripts from trial, "official enqueries" inquests etc - um ah well - I intend to revivify this here bogzone with "posts" i.e. re: actual things, like almost little chats to myself and the inter-aether, yet I seem to have lost most "friends" I had had, and feel blockage from the undeterminable state of a text "work planet welt space", there may be mention of it in a side-bar to your right, and my right also, because I am not the screen, monitor, nowadays it's a "surface" -- so I am endevouring to make an "enquiry" which means, drink wine soonish, because I am, overall, frightened (for little-to-no reason), en-saddened.


14 Q. The movement within that carriage, given the
15 circumstances of that carriage, necessitated, did it
16 not, the removal to one side, if I can put it that way,
17 of the carriage, or one side or other of the carriage,
18 of a number of those who had lost their lives in order
19 to assist those who, although injured, were still alive?
20 A. Yes, sir.

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  1. I added a link to the above scant minute ago. I try to make a go of this. Ready when you are, mofsherfluter

    I hope to make things okay (&rectify) and tingle/